Career Choices

I selected the tech industry for the start of my career because of the endless growth opportunities it provides. This industry is focused on bettering the future for all generations to come, and I find that very inspiring. I see the technology industry as a very fast-paced, growing environment that is constantly changing and is exciting to be a part of. There’s always a new challenge every day.

Professional Interests & Drive

My passion lies in graphic design and brand identity. I love creating something visual and tangible to communicate a new idea. I grew up doing all forms of traditional arts, such as drawing and painting, and chose graphic design as a career due to the fact that it is a perfect intersection between art and technology. I find passion in creating something that is visually appealing and enticing to the viewer, in addition to being functional and innovative.

Mentors & Influencers

As a recent college graduate, my most influential mentor is a design professor that I worked with throughout my college experience. She showed me how you can turn your creative and artistic passion into a lifelong career through hard work, networking, and confidence. She helped me develop my portfolio, challenged me to become a better designer every day, and guided me through a successful start to my career.

Mentorship Value

Mentors are very important, especially to women in tech as they are a connection that focuses solely on your career growth and helping you find future opportunities. It also helps to see women who have achieved a lot of success in a primarily male-dominated field. From my experience, mentors can help increase confidence, communication skills, find new opportunities, and help guide you in your career search.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

There are a couple of leading female designers that have made waves in their fields that I have found to be very inspirational. One, Paula Scher, based in NYC with a design focus in brand identities, has had a major influence on tech and pop culture with clients such as Microsoft, Adobe, Bloomberg, etc. I admire her as a perfect example of expanding her career from starting as a layout designer to now being the partner of the design firm, Pentagram. She has been a major influence on innovative design, brand and visual identities, as well as traditional arts, such as painting, all of which I hope I can experience throughout my career.

Advancing Gender Parity

My advice to women considering a career in technology would be to start with something you are passionate about. The technology industry has endless opportunities in all different fields from design to programming to engineering to analytics etc. If you pursue a career in something you love, you come to the table with a confidence and ability to advocate for yourself that is unmatched. Making connections, though sometimes challenging, can also be a huge help in advancing your career. People like to work with people they know, so the more people you know and can share your passions with, the better.

Leading the Next Generation

I think that unconscious bias is the most debilitating obstacle for women looking to advance their careers in technology. As an industry that is overwhelmingly male dominated, it is challenging to make connections with men who are looking to hire someone they think they will get along best with. Even if your resume and portfolio are just as strong or more so than your male counterparts, men often get the job as they may have more in common with the hiring manager. Being confident in your abilities and advocating for yourself helps you stand out among the crowd of applicants.


About Emily Drexelius

I am a graphic designer in the beginning of my career. I graduated from Miami University with a BFA in Communication Design, and I work for DMI, which is a leading organization in the mobility and tech transformation industry. I am passionate about brand identity and using design to propel the success of a company through the use of innovative technology, brand consistency, and enticing visuals.

Achievements & Recognition

BFA in Communication Design from Miami University

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