Career Choices

Originally, the opportunity to be a part of the technology industry just fell into my lap. My career started as an internship, and I cared deeply for the family-like environment that CBI provided. What eventually became a part-time job turned into a full-time job after graduating college. I chose to continue down this path of telecommunications because I enjoyed seeing the positive impact we had on our clients.

Professional Interests & Drive

My passion is people and I’ve come to find that some of the greatest people I’ve met have come from the telecom industry. I may not be able to tell you everything there is to know about technology, but I can guarantee you that my desire to help others is genuine. My job at CBI provides me the opportunity to help others with the challenges they face every day in our industry. I care deeply for others and getting to make their lives easier while building meaningful relationships along the way. This is by far the best part of my job.

Mentors & Influencers

My most influential mentors would be all my colleagues, clients, and prospects. I am constantly evolving and growing as a person because of them. As I sit in on client calls, I learn industry terms and how my colleagues solve their problems utilizing their expertise and past experiences working in the telecom industry. My prospects have challenged me in ways that are immeasurable. Speaking to people with the titles like IT directors, global procurement, and many others from Fortune 500 companies has given me a confidence in myself that has truly helped me excel in my career. Their acceptance and willingness to teach me has been critical to my growth and understanding this industry. But rejection and losing opportunities has contributed to my resiliency over the years and continues to remind me that persistence and determination are what truly build character. This industry and the people in it are my greatest mentors.

Mentorship Value

I believe that having a supportive mentorship is essential for any women’s success, especially in this industry. The majority of my growth has come from the people around me. Without their guidance and willingness to teach me I would not be where I am today. Whether it is one solid person or a group of people, having at least one person you can rely on to be honest with you and provide constructive criticism is what will drive the development you need to advance.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

I admire my CEO, Denise Booms-Pepin. I specifically remember one time, being in awe as I joined a TEAMs meeting where Denise and one of our core partners met in New Jersey. There she sat confidently in a room full of 6-7 other men. To see her in that environment made me proud. Not just because she was the only woman in the room, but because I saw the respect these men had for her and the knowledge she could bring to the table. Denise is and always has been fearless in her journey of technology. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has never been seen as a barrier to her. Denise’s mission and passion to positively impact the telecom industry has always outweighed any adversity that has stood in her way. She is truly a leader in this industry, and I know I am just one of many that admire her for that.

Advancing Gender Parity

The best advice I would give to other girls and women aspiring to pursue a career in technology is, just go for it! Understand that you don’t know everything and take pride in this. Utilize your lack of knowledge as an opportunity to learn from others. My greatest lessons and understanding of the technology industry came from asking questions and LISTENING to the people around me.

Leading the Next Generation

I think we have made great strides as a society and a culture within this industry of gender equality. I have exposure to men almost daily. I have never felt rejected or less than by another man because of my sex. If anything, their encouragement and openness towards me and other women is what has helped close the gap of gender inequality in the technology industry. I believe our biggest challenge as women in this industry is having enough confidence in ourselves to know that we are capable of being here.

About Hayley Owczarzak

Hayley Owczarzak is the global director of business development at CBI. Her role includes sales and account management at CBI Telecommunication Consultants. Her main goal is to continue to help CBI become one of the most well-known telecom management companies in the world. Her biggest accomplishment was in 2020 with selling just over a million dollars in revenue. She loves building meaningful relationships with the people in the technology industry!

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