Igxtelle Mbah-Acha Dopgima


I chose the technology sector in the area of privacy because the world is evolving rapidly in the area of digital emergence, which has improved connectivity and access to personal data in ways that can be very good and also can be very dangerous. I became particularly interested in data privacy in Africa because of the need to support African countries to enact the right laws, regulations, and frameworks to protect the digital rights of citizens of the 54 African countries, as well as provide apt data security to enhance trade and bring long-term development to the continent.


I am passionate about my motherland Africa, its emergence, and its development. And given that technology is at the helm of development, I have become aligned and passionate about the technology sector through which Africa will emerge.


My most influential mentor is my mother who is the Minister in Charge of Supreme state audit in Cameroon, after being a judge for over 20 years. She showed me that all and any stereotypes about women can be broken but won’t be if a woman does not believe in herself. So against all odds, I have learnt to believe in my ability and to continue to strive to be impactful and to leave a lasting legacy.


Mentorship is especially important in the technology sector because it has been a field dominated by men. It is important for women to receive validation and assurance from a mentor as most women will run into instances where their competence will be judged for no other reason than their gender. Having a mentor will definitely help deal with issues of imposter syndrome.


You are more than able. Believe in yourself.


Addressing unconscious biases will help advance women in the technology sector.

About Igxtelle Mbah-Acha Dopgima

Igxtelle Mbah-Acha Esq, is an attorney licensed to practice law in New York and a Barrister at Law and member of the Cameroon Bar Association. She is currently the Lead Counsel at Meta Platforms, Inc.

She is an entrepreneur and the founder of The Association of Privacy Lawyers in Africa.

Igxtelle co-founded a real estate development company called Build It For You which completes real estate development projects for the diaspora.

Igxtelle is an international speaker on various stages and many topics such as self development, self assessment, resilience, and determination.

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