Career Choices

“I don’t fear losing, I fear not trying.” With this quote, I stepped in the competitive world of the IT industry. I came to Ireland to do my Masters in Cloud Computing in 2018. While doing so, I did various part-time jobs to earn my living. After graduating in 2019, I was hired in one of largest logistics companies in Ireland as a Cloud engineer. Within three months of my work and with the leadership skills I demonstrated, I was promoted to chief technology officer. Leading a team of 15 male and experienced team members was a challenging phase. But with the growth mindset and my optimistic thoughts, I proved to be a successful leader. With this challenging experience I started a group called International Women in Tech for young struggling females who carry strong passion with them to bring a positive impact in the society but fear to speak upfront.

I started the group with 10 members, and now it has grown to a group of more than 2,700 amazing women from all over the globe. Within two years, various organizations with similar interest in women in technology have collaborated with International Women in Tech group, and we have successfully hosted 15 events based on various topics like women empowerment, job opportunities in IT, mindful coaching, etc. In the past year I have been invited to various CIO conferences, panel discussions, technology webinars and judging panels, hosted by organizations like Inspired Business Media, Eire Dialogue Society, Teens in AI, Clevered, Progress Foundation-International Conference, Transform 21-Digital Conference and Exhibition, etc. to speak on topics like quantum computing and its revolution, women leaders in workplace, importance of diversity and inclusion, artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI & ML) future, and innovative education for sustainable development.

Professional Interests & Drive

My passion in life is to help as many people as I can to grow and achieve their goals. I believe a successful leader is the one who helps others grow without any expectations. I have been doing all these activities without any commercial aspects to it, as I want each and every one to benefit out of the experience and knowledge I share without any financial burden on them. I am also the founder of India Ireland Connect group, with over 4,000 members, helping businesses in India and Ireland to understand the trade between our two great republics. Our team helps businesses looking to grow in Ireland or in India to understand and choose the right path for the growth of their business. As cofounder of Quantum Computing Ireland, I have been raising awareness in the country to talk more about the future of quantum computing. The world has already jumped five years ahead due to the Covid pandemic, and it is now the time to learn and talk about the beautiful and mind-blowing wonders of AI and quantum computing.

Mentors & Influencers

My biggest influential mentor in my life is my mother. She is my backbone; a great advisor and a problem solver.

My former CIO, my current manager, and my peers are all my biggest influencers and mentors. I believe you can have multiple mentors in your life based on your experience and need. I have a few other mentors who have sponsored me and mentored me throughout to achieve my success. They have helped me in overcoming every challenge from personal to professional. I have 10* boosted my confidence because of my mentors’ help and support. They always believed in me and have always trusted in my decisions, which led me to a successful career.

Mentorship Value

Mentorship is extremely important. I am a mentor to 70 young kids aged 8-15 years and mentoring 200 young girls and women in technology. It is a step towards success. You can choose your own mentor. You are your own creator. First understand yourself, and then seek help. You need to know your worth and deserving identity so that you can express what you need from a mentor and sponsor who will support you and guide you throughout in advancing in your career.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

There is no single name. Every woman out there inspires me in one or the other way. I started a “Coffee Chat with Jeevantika,” a free 30-minute session for women and young talents out there seeking advice and help. After talking to 100 women in the last 60 days, I have realized how important listening to these amazing talents is. Their way of thinking and willingness to work makes them unique (each one of them). I believe it’s not just the leaders who influence us, but early in careers, entrepreneurs, students, graduates, freshers, each one of them have unique ways of excellence and thinking towards their goals. I hosted an event on International Women’s Day to celebrate little things because we always talk about big achievements. It’s important to admire the small things and celebrate to embrace.

Advancing Gender Parity

Confidence is the biggest challenge. Often, we do not own our skills and stand out. We start to feel that others are better, and we don’t even try, which is proving to be a barrier. It’s important to stand and speak your words to be noticed so that you’re recognized and valued. Removing the phrase “impostor syndrome” from your dictionary will bring a drastic change.

Leading the Next Generation

Don’t be afraid of failure; it’s a part of success. Be afraid of not trying, because if you don’t try it’s neither a part of failure nor success.

About Jeevantika Lingalwar

Jeevantika Lingalwar is a Cloud solution architect in Microsoft. She holds a Master of Science in Cloud Computing and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering. Jeevantika is very passionate about women in technology and diversity & inclusion. She founded International Women in Tech group and is leading a community of more than 3,700 amazing members. She is a technology speaker and talks about the trending technology like AI and quantum computing. Jeevantika is very determined to help and motivate young minds; she is a mentor to 60 young kids aged 8-15 years and teaches them about “Future in/of AI.”

Achievements & Recognition

  • Award Winner
    • WomenTech Global Ambassador Award of the year 2021
  • Award Finalist:
    • Woman of the Year award 2021
    • Mentor of the Year award 2021
    • Community award of the year 2021
    • Woman in IT Award of the year 2021

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