Career Choices

I have been working in tech for the better part of my career – or over 20 years. I have always been fascinated by technology. Whether it was learning html code to update a website at the start of my career, or market research tool sets, mobility solutions, or now enterprise integration technology – the industry is constantly evolving. I am both intrigued and motivated by its fast pace of change and acceleration. As a marketing professional it means constantly learning, fine-tuning my own skill set, working and communicating in many new ways. Think about the marketing technology that is now available to us – automation tools, digital marketing methods, social media, intent data and tracking systems. The list is endless. I wouldn’t be able to do my job as well without technology at my side! Technology makes working easier and more efficient for myself and my team, but it is also fun to keep learning, and that change keeps me excited and on my toes.

Professional Interests & Drive

I geek out over data. Without the data that technology enables us to have, I would be challenged to make difficult decisions. And because there is so much data available to us, I can get caught up inside those reports digging deeper and deeper. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle or maze. Where do we go from here? What happens if I plug this piece in here? I will literally spend hours analyzing different data points. A good example of this, that many have heard me talk about before, is applying this same analysis and data deep dive into understanding your customer and their journey with your product or brand. Understanding where and how they engage with your brand is something that is enabled by technology. It also provides us the opportunity to better serve them, to personalize the experience, to offer touchpoints for better service and communication.

Mentors & Influencers

I have been lucky to have had several great mentors throughout my career, but one in particular, stands out – not only because she was a woman in leadership, but because she took the time to get to know me, to show empathy, to invest her time and energy in teaching me, coaching me and guiding me – not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. Never underestimate the power of a mentor. She helped me to identify my strengths. She gave me opportunities to build on those strengths and challenged me by putting me in often uncomfortable situations. It was through this mentor that I learned that some of the biggest growth comes out of moments of uncertainty or being uncomfortable. It is in those moments that you need to dig deep to trust in yourself, be confident and take ownership.

Mentorship Value

I do not know if it is my own experiences that give me so much passion for mentors, but I believe that mentors – both male and female – are extremely influential for any individual looking to grow. For women in particular though, mentors can help build confidence in a highly male-dominant industry. Mentors can help push an individual and create those challenges that many women desire but do not know how to ask for.

Advancing Gender Parity

There is probably a list of commentary on this topic that looks something like this:

  • Find a Good Mentor: You don’t have to navigate your role, a new industry, or your career on your own.
  • Don’t Let Self-Doubt Get in the Way: No one knows everything.
  • Learn How to Take Negative Feedback: And get better or stronger from it.
  • Never Stop Learning:  Read; be inquisitive and curious.
  • Communicate Clearly: Not just about wants and desires, but how you think.
  • Collaborate With Colleagues or peers.
  • Often times, we shy away from things because we think we cannot do it or that we shouldn’t do it. Everything is a possibility in today’s world, and if you are curious, and have the desire, just dig in. I give the same advice to my own teenage daughter. No one is stopping you.

Leading the Next Generation

I personally have not seen a lot of inequality in my career and position. Maybe I am lucky in that. Maybe it is because I have had the privilege to work for some great leaders. There is an opportunity likely though for employers to work with women through the struggles of balancing careers, families, and this new age of remote work by creating a culture of acceptance and inclusion, offering opportunities for continuous learning and coaching, and creating flexible and supportive networks.

About Jill Ransome

Jill Ransome leads the Jitterbit global marketing organization responsible for driving its growth strategy, demand generation, elevating brand awareness and consideration, and creating differentiated experiences that result in client loyalty.

Jill has more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience across technology, software, and research brands. Prior to joining Jitterbit she held the CMO position at Tangoe. She has spent nearly half of her career with high-growth companies and has a passion for brand transformations.

Jill earned her Bachelor of Science in Global Marketing from Pennsylvania State University and currently resides in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Achievements & Recognition

  • Active member of AOTMP and ETMA (Enterprise Technology Management Association) Board Member 2020 – 2021
  • Featured on the Rockstar CMO Podcast and in Sales Tech Star for insights around customer experience and building marketing teams in this day and age
  • Recipient of the Stevie Women in Business award, Oct. 2020

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