Why Technology?

There is a famous quote ” One opportunity used wisely can change your life dramatically.” With a passion of Biology, I always aimed to be a Scientist and change the world with my imagination and innovation. However, there is a saying, “A person often meets their destiny on the road took to avoid it.” I took my first step in the world of software engineering as a fresher after graduation and started my career as a Java/Web developer with a service company. Since then, I never knew when it became my passion, motivation, and inspiration. There was never a regret or look back.

After completing my post-graduate diploma in Human resource management, I explored the life of an engineering Dev leader. This opportunity taught me a lot in my life. Every person is different, and every situation is unique. As an engineering leader, it is a challenge and opportunity for us to make a fair and conscious decision utilizing everyone’s strengths to the most, working on the areas of improvements with compassion and in an unbiased way. I always believed in the concept of Radical Candor – the famous book by Kim Scott. Radical candor is the intersection of Care personally and Challenge directly which teaches how to be a good leader without losing humanity.

Technology Interest

Technology is ever-changing, and I think that is what is interesting because it will never get us bored. You learn something new but there is always a way to improve upon and do something different and make our lives better.

The tech trends like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning are the emerging and promising technologies which have the potential to change Human life in a positive way. In the current world, where “Data” is the most treasurable asset in life, the combination of “Data” and the application of AI/ML with that can reveal tremendous opportunities for the future.

The use of AI/ML in industries like Life Science, Healthcare, e-Commerce can be revolutionizing.

IoT (Internet of Things) which gives us the ability to connect devices over the cloud is a perfect bridge between the physical and digital world. Machine learning/NLP is a game changer in predicting the future in the present. AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual reality) will make us closer making you feel an imaginary world as real. These are just a few of the never-ending world of technology which makes me part of it.

Technology Journey

The world of Technology is very fascinating and there is always a thrust to learn more, explore more, contribute more to the community and make all of our lives easier. It’s very fascinating to see how AI/ML is impacting human life in a better way. As a development manager with experience in AI/ML it is always interesting to see how we can improve our business and make customers’ lives easy with simple use of AI/ML. Living the life of the 90’s who thought we will be talking about robots one day, visiting the Moon/Mars one day. With advancement of technology, the Universe is becoming smaller and smaller and that is what is my driving factor to explore more and more, gain more experience and bring a positive impact in Human life.

I was fortunate enough to get many challenging opportunities in my career. I got introduced to the space of Digital IoT which provided me tremendous insight and opportunity to work with various use cases from a wide variety of Industries, work on the real devices, and utilize the data to change the world.

I was fortunate enough to get introduced to the world of AI/ML and how life changing it can be. Since then, I have been an avid advocate and learner of AI/ML.

I believe strongly that as long as you have the enthusiasm and passion to try something new without fearing the failures, criticisms, and outcomes, the world is yours.


Inspiration is key to one’s success. Inspiration and learning are everywhere. I am fortunate enough to have many inspirations in my life. My parents taught me to be a good human being and express myself to the world without fearing what everyone will think/say. They gave me the confidence that I can do it and not fear failure. In my software engineering career, I was fortunate enough to have many mentors who influenced me, showed how to be a good leader, and showed how to care for people without losing humanity.

I was fortunate enough to have people around me in my personal and professional life who always help me to get the best out of me, challenge my own strengths, work on my weaknesses, face the fear, learn from my failures, ignore the negative criticisms, learn from the constructive feedbacks, long for the success, thrust to achieve more and more, and I strongly believe that I would not have able to achieve what I have achieved without any of them.

Advice for Others

There is a famous quote from Robert Kiyosaki, “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” Life would be boring without challenges, failures, and criticisms. They are the keys to someone’s success. Don’t fear what someone will say/think. Have confidence in your own strength, challenge your capabilities. We can do much more than what we think we can do and achieve the unbelievable.

Everyone needs a mission, a goal in life and a constant juggle to achieve the same. There will be obstacles & failures, but constant and consistent hard work is the only key to success.

There is a children’s song which I always remind myself and to my kids, “Try and try with your head high, you will succeed faster.”

About Jita Dash

Jita is Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft. With over 15+ years of Software engineering experience and 7+ years of leadership experience with multiple enterprise companies. She has the experience in building successful high performing teams and delivering products/platforms to cater business vision and customer satisfaction.

Jita holds a master’s degree in Biotech & Computer Science and a Post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management.

She has led several women’s network initiatives in various Enterprise companies including Girls Who Code and Women’s Software Analytics meet-up groups and delivered several keynote speeches and participated in technical panel discussions representing women’s networks.

Achievements & Recognition

  • Client Star Award
  • Above and Beyond Award Rock Star Award


  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Certification by GE HTML5/CSS3
  • Certification by Microsoft
  • Oracle 9i Certification
  • PL/SQL Certification
  • SCJP/SCWCD Certification
  • Predix Certified Developer from GE

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