Career Choices

I started in the 90s with the wireless division at Comcast Metrophone and then migrated to the wireline sector with various carriers and vendors. Telecom services have become more and more complex with hundreds of service providers. Our team provides a bird’s eye view to our clients for all of their solutions which informs their strategic decisions and budgets. I love helping clients make informed decisions. It is very fulfilling to lead a group of people who positively impact our clients’ business goals.

I strive to be an inspirational leader for my team and Bluewave by demonstrating integrity, teamwork, and a high degree of communication. I like to be the first person to praise my team and others for a job well done while also giving immediate feedback so that we can all improve together.

Professional Interests & Drive

I am on this 20+ year career path because of my passion for telecom and collaboration. It is essential to have contagious and positive energy when working with clients and partners. Growing and nurturing relationships are a big part of who I am. A highly engaged team means clients know we care, and the team knows they are adding value. Now that most people are remote, I believe coaching, enhancing individual communication skills, and genuinely caring about each other are front and center to personal well-being and the team’s success. Outside of work, I love international travel. I enjoy going to wineries, and I am a devoted wife and mother with two grandchildren and one on the way. I also have a love of interior design and refinishing furniture. Enjoying my life outside of work makes me a better leader.

Mentors & Influencers

I was truly fortunate to have my first mentor and manager at Comcast Metrophone when I started my telecom career. He was inclusive, encouraged women in technology to grow, and provided equal pay based on education, drive, and willingness to learn. He genuinely cared about people and listened. His work ethic and loyalty were beyond measure, and he led by example. He allowed me to grow, and his actions always followed his words.

One memory stands out to me that shows he was not only a wonderful mentor but just a great person who believed in his employees. While I was going through a divorce and raising my toddler, he gave me a promotion. I will never forget that act as it helped me tremendously and he did not see my situation as a risk. He told me I deserved it [which I did!]. He also encouraged me to work across other departments to learn other functional areas. As a result, I grew professionally and hired people to support our growing company. He continued to help support me from afar once I moved on to other opportunities. I like to provide those growth experiences and opportunities for my team.

Mentorship Value

I strongly support and promote all women and their professional development in the technology and telecom industries. I have mentored and encouraged many women over the years to push for more and show up with hard work and dedication. All women can attain their goals with the right mentors, great opportunities, and encouragement. I believe in equality in the workplace and have advocated for women to advance their careers. As a woman leader in my company, I hope to create opportunities for my team and encourage women to break the barriers.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

I have admired many women in society over the years, but some stand out, such as Katherine Johnson, a Black woman mathematician at NASA. Katherine’s mathematical calculations helped us orbit the earth in 1962 and calculated the precise trajectory that would land us on the moon in 1969. To have both achievements in a lifetime is remarkable. Her quote about teamwork says it best: “I certainly never expected any glory. I was doing the job I was hired to do. … I was always proud of my work, but for Pete’s sake, I didn’t do anything alone.”

Also, I have admired Maya Angelou, a famous American author, poet, and civil rights activist. Her famous quote about thriving is words to live by: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

These quotes are my guideposts for the work I do for my company, my team, and my family.

Advancing Gender Parity

I would encourage women to be their advocates and follow those they admire, set good examples for themselves, and find a mentor that will boost their growth and pursuit in technology. Never stop learning. Talk to everyone you meet. Don’t be intimidated. Collaborate with team members and be a team player. Have an unpreceded work ethic, and go above and beyond to show your dedication and passion for what you do. I have also found that clear and concise communication and knowing your audience are critical.

Leading the Next Generation

Though strides have been made, the industry still has a gender pay gap and glass ceiling. Unfortunately, through the years, I experienced that men can develop into a role, whereas women have to demonstrate achievement before being considered. I have seen women take on more responsibilities with less pay and less respect. As with any role, the best person for the job should be considered based on their skill set and has nothing to do with gender, race, religion, or political affiliations. We need to work together to create inclusivity and a supportive environment.

About Linda Jeffries

At Bluewave, Linda oversees the technology lifecycle management teams, including telecom expense management, wireless expense management, technology assessments, and provisioning/implementation departments. In addition, she maintains revenue responsibility for the entire operations department to meet company goals and results. With more than 20 years of experience, she has helped clients with carrier contract negotiations, cost comparisons, and optimization. At Bluewave, her focus is on creating an excellent client experience, optimizing client technology spending, and ensuring a smooth transition for clients when adding or upgrading service installations.

Achievements & Recognition

  • I have been involved with AOTMP and have participated in AOTMP Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Conferences. I look forward to being more involved with AOTMP in the future. I have also been engaged with Enterprise Technology Management Association over the years.

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