Career Choices

I selected the technology industry for my career because it is a dynamic area; every day is different, and new challenges are experienced every day; work is carried out transversally in different areas of society and by intelligently applying technology; it is possible to improve the people’s quality of life and it is possible to optimize resources. In addition, there is the challenge of being constantly updated on technological changes, new trends, and the global panorama.

Professional Interests & Drive

My passion is to make the world better every day and having the activities I carry out have a positive impact on people, improving their quality of life by applying technology. It is also very important for me to give my best effort and achieve the proposed goals based on ethics, honesty, and work.

Mentors & Influencers

My main mentor was my dad; he taught me that I can achieve all my dreams, and that there are no limits. He taught me that it is possible to make mistakes and start over, but that we must not forget that “everyone has to eat,” so we must be generous and fair. In addition, he always educated me in equality, not only gender equality, but that everyone should be treated with respect, which has allowed me to be able to establish relationships with different people in different positions within organizations and in daily life.

Mentorship Value

Mentoring to support and promote women’s careers in technology is very important to encourage the development of women in areas that have traditionally been defined for men. In addition, the area of technology is very challenging, and if the professional dedicates herself seriously to technology and applies knowledge and common sense, she can develop a career full of achievements, which are also compatible with personal development in areas other than work, such as family and sports. In addition, it is very important that girls and women learn that the limits are set by oneself, so it is possible to achieve dreams.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

Among the women I most admire is Justicia Mena, who was born on January 14, 1893, in Santiago de Chile and was the first civil engineer in Chile. Daughter of the builder José Acuña Latorre and Mercedes Mena Villalón, her parents raised her, along with her four brothers and three sisters, in an environment of cooperation and gender equity, which allowed her to develop despite the social schemes of that era. In 1922 she married the electrical engineer and university classmate, Alfredo Gajardo Contreras, with whom she has 7 children. Therefore, Justicia was a professional ahead of her time and, in addition to this, she knew how to develop her personal life with a family. She demolished all the myths regarding the roles that women should play in Chilean society at the beginning of the 20th century and paved the way for the women who followed in her footsteps.

Advancing Gender Parity

The advice I give to girls and women who are making a technological career is to pursue their dreams, all goals are achieved with perseverance and dedication. A technological career requires permanent study and being up to date with the innovations that are launched on the market every day, but always putting common sense first and never forgetting that technology was created to improve people’s lives.

Leading the Next Generation

The biggest challenge that must be overcome in the technology industry is to forget about the gender of the person who is going to exercise organizational leadership, because in the area of technology, what must come first to choose a leader is the professional quality of the person, her ethical principles and the perseverance and dedication with which she exercises her profession.

About Luz Maria Ramirez

Mrs. Ramirez is Chilean. She’s married to Manuel and is a mom to two daughters and two sons. She’s graduated as a chemical engineer. During her business career, she has developed a deep know-how of the telecom and IT industries and customers’ needs. That has allowed her to create value with services innovation. In March 2005, she and her husband founded Neobis, a Chilean-based company focused on Latin American markets and specialized in management of telecommunications and IT services with the single purpose of creating a differentiated management practice to add new value to customers’ ITEM solutions.

Achievements & Recognition

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Aircraft Accident Investigator
  • Founder of Neobis
  • Founder of the Chilean Association of Victims of Aviation Accidents and Their Families
  • Founder, Tomi Foundation
  • Member of the College of Engineers of Chile
  • Board Member of Directors of the Foundation of Graduates and Friends of the University of Santiago de Chile

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