Career Choices

I started my career in technology as part-time business support for Samsung Networks. I never thought I’d pursue my career in the technology industry since I didn’t study engineering or computer science in school. As I worked with the technology company, I realized that there are so many opportunities in this industry beyond engineering and computer science. As technology is a significant part of modern-day life, it requires diverse talents and experiences. And it continues to evolve and change. Fast. I love that the opportunities and challenges are limitless here.

Professional Interests & Drive

I hope my passion is as grand as changing the world, but I just want to make someone’s life a little better. If our solutions put a smile on someone’s face by providing the convenience at work and gives them more time to enjoy more in life, that would be a priceless reward for my time and effort.

Mentors & Influencers

My most influential mentor is Emily Oh. She was my first manager when I started my career in technology. She is a skillful technical engineer, a great leader, a loving mother of two girls, and a loyal friend. Working with her closely for 10 years, I learned so much about how to balance between my personal life and career. And it is possible to have both worlds. I admired how she gives her best in every role she played in her life and was able to find happiness in her everyday life.

Mentorship Value

Women’s mentorship in technology is needed to encourage more women in the industry. It is still true that we have more men in the technology industry today. It is essential to create a support system to encourage more women to apply for the field. We need networks to share and encourage each other that we are not alone. When we all work together, we can reduce the gender gaps today and create a better future workplace for the next generations. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

Allie Miller is one of the women leaders I admire most. She was the youngest woman to build an artificial intelligence product at IBM, and she continues to contribute to the development of machine learnings through the greatest AI companies in the world.

Advancing Gender Parity

People often think of computer science or engineering fields to associate with a career in technology, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The technology industry requires diverse skills and contributions beyond R&D. We require a business analyst to understand the market trends and requirements, a finance expert to analyze the profitability of the productions, and a designer to engage or enhance user experiences to increase productivity. So, if you are interested in a career in technology, I’d say go for it. Possibilities are endless on how you can grow your talent and contribute your skills.

Leading the Next Generation

I believe the greatest challenge in leading the next generation of women in tech is to increase awareness of the gender gap that exists in the technology industry. We need more women in IT to influence the next generation of women. Creating gender equity is not a task just for women, but it requires changes as a community.

About Theresa Park

Theresa Park is the lead of the solution services at Samsung SDS America, focusing on enterprise innovation solutions that can optimize processes and enhance user experiences. During her 16 years at Samsung, Theresa implemented an allinclusive managed mobility program to efficiently manage and support mobility asset management services in alignment with Samsung’s growth in the mobility world. Theresa continues to develop and productize enterprise solutions to meet the latest technology trends and requirements.

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