Tiffany Thompson

Career Choices

I am responsible for delivery of network, telephony, information security, end user computing and platforms projects.

Professional Interests & Drive

I love change. It can be very hard for others to adapt to change, and my comfort with being uncomfortable helps me find purpose in all that I do delivering new technologies.

Mentors & Influencers

My most influential mentor has been hard on me when I needed a nudge and supportive when I needed a pat on the back. To me, this honesty and unconditional support has been such a gift through the ups and downs within my career. Having her as a cheerleader, always in my corner creates so much comfort for me should I ever need a sounding board. I try to emulate this exact behavior in those that I mentor and hope I am leaving a similar lasting mark on their careers.

Mentorship Value

Without the mentorship of other female technologists, I would have never envisioned the opportunities I have already experienced in my career. The perceived glass ceiling gets higher and higher the more I surround myself with talented, courageous women in this industry. This inspiration drives me to always try to achieve more for myself and my team, and I hope I am able to create the same level of inspiration for others.

Admired Leaders & Trailblazers

I am very privileged to work for one of few women CIOs in the packaged goods industry, Ann Dozier. Having this direct role model is an amazing opportunity for all women working within this team to witness firsthand best practice in relationship management, technology innovation, and personal growth. Ann’s ability to continue to inspire and grow her team never ceases to amaze me and creates the vision for the leader I wish to be someday.

Advancing Gender Parity

I encourage every girl and women to own their own career. Identify where you want to go, how you can get there, and who the people are that can help you accomplish your plans. Once you have this laid out, it is on YOU to make it happen. Make the introductions to those who can help you get there, those that have already been there, and those who you want to learn from. People love to talk about themselves and their success. Creating and building the relationships with these people (men and women) will help you on your journey to the next step in your career even if it is to learn what you don’t want to do or how to do it. No new experience, relationship, or role is bad. See every new opportunity as a way to grow, and if your personal development plan isn’t working, change things up. Keep changing, learning and growing!

Leading the Next Generation

Women need to raise up other women. So frequently I see a competitiveness between women in technologies always vying for the same next promotion or opportunity. Supporting each other doesn’t remove opportunities from YOU, it opens doors for YOU for even more opportunities. The “Queen Bee” mentality doesn’t help grow the number of women in technology or technology leadership roles. Women are simply stronger together!

About Tiffany Thompson

As a self-proclaimed technology-evangelist, I love solving business problems with the right technology married with the needed processes. Having an opportunity to do exactly this day in and day out in the beverage alcohol industry is a true privilege and gives me the opportunity to be on the forefront of delivery for new technologies supporting one of the largest packaged goods sales forces and distribution networks around.

Achievements & Recognition

SAFe Agile

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