About Us

The Association founders spent 14 years operating the largest telecom and mobility bill auditing and optimization firm in the United States. When the business was sold to a telecom expense management provider, the founders launched AOTMP®.

That was 18 years ago.

Our leadership team

Tim Lybrook

Chief Executive Officer

Timothy C. Colwell

Executive Vice President

Catherine Lybrook

Executive Vice President

Debbie Antrim, CEM

Sr. Director, Engagement

Matt Voran

Director, Digital Experience

AOTMP® supports the industry and its professionals with:

  • Memberships – networking, recognition, collaboration and resources.
  • Training & Certifications – over 200 online courses and 7,000 certifications issued.
  • Events – online and in-person events provide invaluable information.
  • A Standards Guide – key principals and practices that help drive performance and efficiency.
  • AOTMP® Insights – a free electronic publication sent monthly to over 70,000 readers.

AOTMP® also provides organizations:

  • Career Connect – resources for employees and employers.
  • Advisory Relationships – guidance for your telecom, mobility & IT management decisions.
  • Research – independent third party papers from AOTMP® highlighting success stories.

AOTMP® was born based on the premise that organizations didn’t just need audits and optimizations to solve their telecom and mobility management challenges. They needed training on how to do it themselves. Without education, AOTMP® believed organizations would continue to struggle to fix broken processes that result in significant and recurring inefficiencies in these telecom and mobility environments, all while facing very rapidly changing technologies.

For the first five years AOTMP® focused on developing training and certification programs. Customers quickly began to realize how much AOTMP® knew about effectively managing telecom and mobility environments and soon started coming to AOTMP® for consulting deals where we helped them select the best TEM providers and carriers, helped them validate and get an accurate inventory of services and contracts and devices, help them develop management strategies and performance scoring systems and much more. With that, AOTMP® had to keep up with the fast moving industry changes so we continued to evolve into conducting research studies in our database of over 100,000 companies around the globe to learn what works and doesn’t work in telecom, mobility and IT management. Industry best practices were born.

AOTMP® continued to learn from organizations year after year what worked and what didn’t and leveraged that information with its customers through the various AOTMP® offerings. Then came the Pandemic. During that period in 2020, AOTMP® made the strategic decision to evolve into an organization that could not only capitalize on its own knowledge to help its customers, but also capitalize on the knowledge of the millions of telecom, mobility and IT management professionals around the globe. The idea of providing and facilitating networking, education and resources through a telecom, mobility and IT management industry association came to life.

Today, AOTMP®, the Association of Telecom, Mobility, and IT Management Professionals, is a membership organization dedicated to serving the more than 10 million professionals around the globe who support the $4.3 trillion dollar industry. The association’s mission is to bring these professionals together to help advance the industry while bringing more value and impact to their respective organizations.


AOTMP® is founded as a training and certification company focused on telecom and mobility management.


Our First Conference

AOTMP® launches its annual industry conference to address the strong interest in telecom and mobility management from both businesses and vendors

Nov 09, 2007

Efficiency First®

Based on research and data points from thousands of global organizations, AOTMP® patents it’s Efficiency First® Framework, an industry standards guidebook


Client Base Growth

AOTMP® secures its second million dollar a year customer.


Over 200 Courses

AOTMP® University surpasses 200 online courses.


Association Formed

AOTMP® evolves during the pandemic to an industry association to serve the more than 10 million industry professionals supporting the $4.3 trillion dollar industry.


Certifications Growth

AOTMP® surpasses 7,000 individual specialty and professional telecom, mobility & IT management certifications issued.

January 2021

Master Certifications

AOTMP® surpasses 200 coveted master certifications issued.

March 2021

First Industry Hackathon

AOTMP® launches the first ever, AOTMP® Industry Hackathon, an open innovation event designed to solve the greatest industry challenges.

June 2021

Career Connections

By year end, AOTMP® expects to have an added career connection focus supporting career and performance growth in the industry for employees and employers.

December 2021

Member Targets

AOTMP® expects to surpass the 1,000 industry association member mark, on its way to 10,000.


International Events

AOTMP® expects to have its first live conference in London to support the European market.