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About Us

Our mission.

Make education smarter, people more valuable, and our industry stronger.

No gimmicks, no commitments, no nonsense…just best practices that help technology management professionals deliver superstar results!

AOTMP University at a glance.

Over 20 years in business.

Publications, training & certifications, and events focused solely on telecom, mobile, and cloud/IT management best practices.

Consistent founding three-person leadership team throughout.

Creators of the Efficiency First® Framework - a standardized methodology for managing telecom, mobile, and cloud/IT environments.

The Efficiency First® Framework is supported by two US Patents; think ISO or Six Sigma-like Framework.

Industry Solution & Strategy Showcase Events featuring case studies, lessons learned, and success stories from leading vendors, suppliers, and providers.

What’s Working? Weekly – AOTMP® University’s electronic publication for all telecom, mobile, and cloud / IT management professionals.

200+ online courses taken over 45,000 times.

19 certification programs – 15 specialist, 3 Professional and 1 Master

Just over 200 professionals have earned master certification credentials.

Over 7,000 certifications issued to professionals globally.

Best practices and industry standards determined from a database of thousands of organizations – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Customers across the globe – every business has telecom, mobile, and / or cloud/IT services with the need to manage it.

Over $225 million in business secured through our introductions and influence as trusted advisors to the buyers.

What does AOTMP stand for?

Authority on Technology Management Practices.

Our legal name is AOTMP® University, LLC an Indiana Limited Liability Company. We do business solely as AOTMP® University.

2003 - 2007

Focused on training and certifications for telecom and mobility management professionals. Training included 3 to 5 day bootcamps, live onsite training and online training courses. Training focused on inventory management and cost optimization / auditing. Most popular were Bring Your Own Bills, Inventory Management, Telecom Essentials, Auditing I and II.

2007 - 2020

Added consulting, events, research, and other publications to our business. We built hundreds of service and contract inventories for enterprises, ran nearly 100 TEM RFP’s for enterprises, performed hundreds of assessments for enterprise environments, held 15 industry events for enterprises and vendors, performed solution analysis for vendors and published hundreds of articles and research papers on telecom, mobility, and cloud/IT management best practices.

2020 - 2023

Began to narrow our focus during the pandemic to focus on training and certifications, industry publications, vendor solution evaluations and online events. Continued to collect data from our database of over 50,000 industry professionals as to what works and what doesn’t in their environments to further enhance our best practices that feed our content efforts – publications, courses, certifications, and events.


Our focus today is 100% on best practice and general industry education with our primary solutions being publications, training & certifications, and events. Our Industry Education Advisory Council, made up of more than 50 industry professionals, provides guidance and input on the AOTMP® University strategy including content and industry needs.

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