About AOTMP®

AOTMP® is an information services company that has provided telecom, mobility and IT management industry solutions for nearly two decades.

Information services solutions for the modern telecom, mobility and IT management industry.

In 2003, AOTMP® was founded by key management team members after selling the country’s largest telecommunication bill auditing company at the time. Through their bill auditing experience, AOTMP®’s leaders realized that although they were helping telecom clients fix billing errors and recuperate money, the same issues would continue to arise without ongoing optimization that addressed the root cause of the problem. AOTMP® was born from the need to correct the continued struggles faced by enterprise and vendor clients alike.

Today, the core differentiator of AOTMP® resides in our Efficiency First® Analytics team’s ability to collect telecom, mobility, and IT data, aggregate it, and create actionable best practices for enterprises and vendors across the world.

By utilizing the data collected, AOTMP® has determined which information services do and do not work. Our data is continuously assembled into best practices and industry standards that are globally adopted by our extensive network of enterprise and vendor clientele.

AOTMP®’s information services, best practices, and industry standards are compiled into our proprietary and patented1 Efficiency First® Framework. Our framework is akin to a Lean Six Sigma, ISO, or ITIL approach, but is specific to managing telecom, mobility, and information technology environments.

Working with enterprises, mid-market businesses, public sector organizations and telecom, mobility, and information technology vendors, AOTMP® drives efficiency, performance, and productivity to a new standard. We strive to transform your environment into a strategic asset used to drive business results. AOTMP® is a global authority in information services across the telecom, mobility, and information technology management space.

1 U.S. patent numbers 8,775,233 and 8,484,071.

Our History


AOTMP® begins life as the premier fixed and mobile telecom environment specialists.


AOTMP® launches its annual conference to address the interests of enterprises and vendors in the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry. 


AOTMP® launches its research practice to provide a new level of insight into the technology and performance trends among telecom, mobility, and IT management practices.


AOTMP® patents its proprietary Efficiency First® Framework—launching a new model to create performance scoring in telecom, mobility, and IT management environments.
U.S. patent numbers 8,775,233 and 8,484,071.


AOTMP® launches the Industry Council, a first of its kind membership group of enterprise and vendor thought leaders dedicated to exploring opportunities to advance the industry.


AOTMP® launches its first international conference, AOTMP® LDN 2020, held in London, England, United Kingdom.