AOTMP University

Why Training?

Training & Certifications benefit people, teams, and business. Here’s how…

The business value of a well-trained workforce is significant and measurable.

Training and certifications support career advancement and improve retention.

How training and certifications are consumed is important.

Download a training justification letter template.

See how training reduces financial waste.

Discover the benefits training can have in five common areas of financial waste.

What makes AOTMP University different?

Our training is based on financial and operational efficiency.

Not technical or product focused training.

Our training promotes efficiency that drives business results.

All based on decades of best practice experience.

We are a woman owned business.

We are promoters of women in tech.

We have collected data from thousands of environments.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

We base our content on the Efficiency First® Framework.

A core set of best practices and principles.

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