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Prepare yourself, your team, and your organization for the future. Inspire innovation and progress through the power of our Efficiency First® Framework principles.

We believe knowledge is the most powerful tool in technology. Through online, on demand, learning experiences, we help you, your team, and your organization learn how to build a better future.

Today, AOTMP® University features over 200 telecom, mobility, and IT management courses that leverage the power of our Efficiency First® Framework to give you more innovative insights, best practices, and strategies. Click the button below to explore AOTMP® University Courses and AOTMP® University Training bundles plus everything else we offer!

University Courses

AOTMP® University courses include topics such as:

Efficiency First® FrameworkCenter of Excellence
AuditingMobility Management
Contracts ManagementSecurity
Data PrivacySourcing & Procurement
InventoryTechnology Management
Invoice ManagementTelecom Management

AOTMP® University Credits

AOTMP® Credit Bundles offer a convenient purchasing option for training one or hundreds of people. AOTMP® Credits are valid for the entire AOTMP® University Course Catalog (1 Credit = 1 Course) and they may be used by any member of your organization.

NEW AOTMP® University Training Bundles

AOTMP® University Training Bundles offer a convenient purchasing option for people interested in learning about a specific telecom, mobility, or IT management activity. Bundles are offered for beginner and intermediate knowledge levels and each includes 5 to 8 courses that teach best practices and principles on a specific topic.

Telecom Beginner

Telecom Intermediate

Mobility Beginner

Mobility Intermediate

IT Beginner

IT Intermediate

Telecom, Mobility & IT Management Beginner

  • Data Privacy
“AOTMP® University has been a positive experience for all team members, including those more tenured. The great part about the TEM space is we learn something new regularly. If there is a topic someone wants to explore deeply, AOTMP® offers classes and certifications to support continuous growth and learning. More specifically, Dell recently expanded our India team, and the portal served as great tool to teach the TEM discipline to individuals who have had little to no telecom experience. We also had a team member rotate from a TEM Analyst role to Circuit Provisioning, and she focused on certifications and classes to assist with the transition.”
Amy Genovese, Sr. IT Manager, Strategic Infrastructure Management Services, Dell Technologies
“The courses are very helpful.  I went through our Centurylink summary bill and found a lot of old lines that were never disconnected and are no longer used, saving the company some money.”
Pat P., University of Phoenix
“I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to learn from AOTMP® University.  I thought I knew quite a bit about Telecom Billing until I was given the chance to take classes.”
Barbara W., FedEx