1. AOTMP® University

    1. Individual course purchases include access to courses for 120 days from the purchase date.

    2. Corporate packages include a specified quantity of named users. Users are not eligible for swap-out after they have been named.

    3. Unused courses and corporate seats are non-refundable.

    4. Upon login to view courses, AOTMP® University users agree to the terms and conditions of the AOTMP® University Credentials Agreement.

  2. Certifications

    1. Individual specialty certification bundle purchases include access to courses and a certification exam (1 attempt to pass) for 120 days from the purchase date. Exam retakes are available for an additional fee.

    2. Unused certification exams are non-refundable.

    3. Earned certifications credentials are valid for 24 months from the date earned.

    4. Specialty Certifications require passing a recertification exam prior to credential renewal date to maintain credential status.

    5. Professional Certifications require passing a recertification exam prior to credential renewal date to maintain credential status.

    6. Master Certification require passing a recertification exam, submitting three reference letters, and submitting one case study project prior to credential renewal date to maintain credential status.
    7. Upon login to complete exams, AOTMP® University users agree to the terms and conditions of the AOTMP® University Credentials Agreement.

  3. Events

    1. Sponsorship requires execution of a separate sponsorship agreement.

    2. Event attendance required registration on the event web site and is subject to the terms of attendance.

  4. AOTMP® Insights

    1. Advertisements, artwork, articles, graphics, pictures, videos, case studies, inserts, supplements, release forms, and all required content for publication is due on the 1st of the month prior to the publication of the following month’s AOTMP® Insights edition.

    2. Placement requests for advertisements, articles, inserts, and supplements are accommodated on a best effort basis.

    3. All content submissions are subject to approval by the AOTMP® Editorial Board.

  5. Membership

    1. Memberships are valid for 12 months from the effective date.

    2. Individual and Corporate members are required to register their membership, agree to Membership Terms and Conditions, and agree to the Membership Code of Conduct via electronic application provided separately.

    3. Individual memberships are non-transferable.

    4. Membership pricing is based on the type of membership purchased.

  6. Efficiency First® Framework Guidebook

    1. Digital copies (EBOOK) are single use licenses and are only for internal purchaser use.

    2. Guidebooks may not be published, reproduced or represented in any way.

  7. Intellectual Property

    1. AOTMP® Insights, analysis, methodologies, processes, and the Efficiency First® Framework are the sole intellectual property of AOTMP® and may not be used, duplicated, or shared without the prior written permission of AOTMP®. Performance First®, Efficiency First® Program, Efficiency First® Framework, AOTMP® University, and AOTMP® are trademarks of Telecom Management Group, LLC doing business as AOTMP®. AOTMP® will retain ownership of the copyright(s) in any AOTMP® content and any modifications or enhancements of such content. Pre-existing works of AOTMP® include, but are not limited to, analysis, methodologies, industry reports, market segment benchmarks, best practices, processes, courses, skills assessments, certification exams, Performance Index Scoring, Efficiency First® Ratings, Performance Scoring calculations and comparisons and the Efficiency First® Framework.

  8. Confidentiality

    1. Information relating to both parties’ businesses and the information they provide under this agreement, including, without limitation, pricing, contractual, financial, and personnel information (“information”), is considered confidential to both parties. Each party shall keep the other party’s information confidential, and shall instruct its employees, directors, and agents to keep such information confidential, using the same care and discretion with regard to the information as the receiving party uses with its own information, which it considers to be confidential.

  9. Disclosure

    1. Customer Advocacy

      1. AOTMP® provides services to many enterprise and vendor companies that may be discussed or involved during fulfillment of advisory services. AOTMP® will fulfil advisory services solely on behalf of CUSTOMER and will act in accordance with CUSTOMER’s best interests and business requirements.

    2. Legal Guidance

      1. AOTMP® does not provide legal advice. All written and verbally discussed suggestions, recommendations and guidance offered.




I understand that the AOTMP® credentials and associated exam(s) are proprietary to AOTMP®. Therefore, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will not copy, disclose, publish or transmit to any person or entity any details of any certification exam or information pertaining to it, in any form or by any means.

  2. I alone must complete in full all the requirements to earn the AOTMP® credentials.

  3. All work submitted will be my own and not the work of any other individual, group or entity.

  4. All AOTMP® certification information, including (without limitation) course materials, exams, questions, answers and related information is made available to me strictly for the purpose of certification. All such information is proprietary material that is wholly owned by AOTMP® and protected under copyright, trade secret and other laws.

Digital Credential & Logo Usage

I understand that AOTMP® has permitted limited use of a digital credential and logo by individuals who have earned a particular certification program or reached a designated proficiency level. If I choose to use the credentials, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This Agreement permits me to use only the logos expressly identified in an electronic or written notice provided to me by AOTMP®, and only in the manner described herein.

  2. I may not alter the logo by resizing, translating or altering the colors used in the logo. The logo may be scaled proportionally in order to adhere to the conditions of this agreement.

  3. Specialty, Professional, and Master Certification credentials expire 24 months from the date earned when recertification requirements are not met. In the event that my credentials expire or are otherwise terminated, I will immediately discontinue my usage of the applicable logo.

  4. I may not display or use the logo in a manner that suggests that I am an employee or other representative of AOTMP® or that either my company or I are affiliated with or endorsed by AOTMP®. Moreover, anywhere I use an AOTMP® logo, my name or the name of my company, must appear more prominently than and clearly distinguished from the logo.

  5. I understand that AOTMP® reserves any and all rights not expressly granted herein. I agree that any and all goodwill pertaining to my use of the logo shall inure to the exclusive benefit of AOTMP®.

Achievement Promotion

I consent to the use of my name, title, company, and earned certification credentials when recognizing and promoting AOTMP® University in AOTMP® Insights, social media, web site content, and other marketing content promoting AOTMP® University.


We, the members of AOTMP®, agree to adhere to all posted meeting, event, and engagement rules of conduct; and, we accept a personal obligation to uphold association values for its members, member organizations, and the telecom, mobility, and IT management industry.

Our Values

  • Commitment – Continuing the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.

  • Integrity – Conducting business with authenticity, ethics, honesty and respect.

  • Community – Fostering a culture of collaboration and networking to promote personal and professional development.

  • Excellence – Always delivering world-class quality, services, skills and attitudes.

  • Innovation – Enabling a spirit of curiosity, challenging the status quo, and desiring to do and be better.


  1. Membership begins upon acceptance of member application and is subject to receipt of dues payment.

  2. Membership is valid for twelve (12) months from acceptance date and are renewed annually at the published rate.

  3. Members attests that the membership type selected accurately represents the industry segment the applicant represents at the time of application.

  4. Members will adhere to the Code of Conduct and AOTMP® reserves the right to cancel memberships for violations of the Code of Conduct at any time.

  5. Members agree to the use of their likeness, name, title, and company name in the member directory, association publications, and membership promotional materials.

  6. Members in good standing have the right to use their membership logo on internal and external professional communications.

  7. Member-only events are for members in good standing and substitutions are not permitted.

  8. Association memberships are non-transferable during the annual subscription period.

  9. Submission of an application does not guarantee membership. AOTMP® reserves the right to accept or reject membership applications for any reason including but not limited to conflicts of interest.