AOTMP University


Revised: March 10, 2023


I understand that the AOTMP® University credentials and associated exam(s) are proprietary to AOTMP® University. Therefore, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will not copy, disclose, publish, or transmit to any person or entity any details of any certification exam or information pertaining to it, in any form or by any means.
  2. I alone must complete in full all the requirements to earn AOTMP® University certification credentials.
  3. All work submitted will be my own and not the work of any other individual, group or entity.
  4. All AOTMP® University certification information, including (without limitation) course materials, exams, questions, answers, and related information is made available to me strictly for the purpose of certification. All such information is proprietary material that is wholly owned by AOTMP® University and protected under copyright, trade secret and other laws.

Digital Credential & Logo Usage

I understand that AOTMP® University has permitted limited use of a digital credential badge by individuals who have earned a particular certification program or reached a designated proficiency level. If I choose to use the credentials, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This Agreement permits me to use only the badges expressly identified in an electronic or written notice provided to me by AOTMP® University, and only in the manner described herein.
  2. I may not alter the badges by resizing, translating, or altering the colors used in the logo. The badge may be scaled proportionally in order to adhere to the conditions of this agreement.
  3. Specialist, Professional, and Master Certification credentials expire 24 months from the date earned when recertification requirements are not met. In the event that my credentials expire or are otherwise terminated, I will immediately discontinue my usage of the applicable badge.
  4. I may not display or use the badge in a manner that suggests that I am an employee or other representative of AOTMP® University or that either my company or I are affiliated with or endorsed by AOTMP® University. Moreover, anywhere I use an AOTMP® University badge, my name, or the name of my company, must appear more prominently than and clearly distinguished from the badge.
  5. I understand that AOTMP® University reserves any and all rights not expressly granted herein. I agree that any and all goodwill pertaining to my use of the badge shall inure to the exclusive benefit of AOTMP® University.

Achievement Promotion

I consent to the use of my name, title, company, and earned certification credentials when recognizing and promoting AOTMP® University in social media, website content, and other marketing content promoting AOTMP® University.

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