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Elevate your solution's standing in the industry with AOTMP®'s Efficiency First® Solution Certification program

AOTMP®‘s patented and proprietary Efficiency First® Framework sets the stage for solution certification. With our solution certification program, vendors are able to accelerate their businesses with a certification of their solutions as it aligns to the Efficiency First® Framework.

The vendor solution certification program identifies and certifies capabilities that have been proven to positively impact enterprise telecom and mobility environments and enterprise telecom management practices.

Align your business capabilities to the Efficiency First® Framework to gain knowledge and a better understanding of how products and services impact business results and lead to market share and revenue growth opportunities.

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Why should I use AOTMP®'s Solution Certification program?

  • Increased Market Share

    Becoming an Efficiency First® Solution Certified Vendor helps create an increased market share around your solutions and products. AOTMP® provides best practices and standards to give authority to your certification.

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  • Validate Performance

    Validate your solution’s performance with AOTMP®, a trusted leader respected in the telecom, mobility and information technology industry. A stamp of approval can mean higher sales and solution recognition.

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  • Demonstrate Value

    Confirm alignment with technical, financial, and operational performance principles established by AOTMP®‘s patented and proprietary Efficiency First® Framework. An instant value proposition for any solution.

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Getting started with vendor solution certification is easy.

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