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About AOTMP® Advisory Services

Elevate your technology management practices with AOTMP® Advisory Services.

Your unique technology challenges need solutions today – not weeks or months from now. AOTMP®’s Advisory Services experts have the technology management strategies, intelligence, and proven experience to make your business better.

Practice Areas

Advisory Services solutions for your telecom, mobility, and IT management’s most serious challenges.

IT Asset Management

IT asset management is essential for securing technology and managing spend – but it’s easier said than done. Our Advisory Services experts help you improve asset management through actionable best practices, recommendations, and opportunity identification to make better business decisions.

Unified Endpoint Management

It’s never been more important to control all your technologies from one universal platform. AOTMP® Advisory Services gives you the expertise to create a connected, cohesive experience that addresses your unique device, data, and user security challenges.

IT Service Management

Our experts are uniquely positioned to understand your most important IT service management needs. Backed by almost two decades of experience, our Advisory Services team can help you Identify the vendors, services, and implementation strategies your business needs to make technology impactful.

Telecom/Mobile Inventory & Expense Management

We’ve got TEM and EMM down to a science. AOTMP®’s Advisory Services experts have the solutions your business needs to maximize savings, gain efficiency, and drive productivity to establish an entirely new level of technology management innovation.


How do AOTMP® Advisory Services help enterprises?

Our Advisory Services are backed by almost 20 years of experience to help you achieve the best telecom, mobility, and IT environment results possible.

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    Improved Performance

    Instant technology management expertise means immediate improvements for your revenue and bottom-line results.

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    Scalable Solutions

    Make more informed technology management decisions   and determine what works best today and tomorrow.

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    Increased Agility

    Focus on the technology management strategies that matter so you can get back to work and drive innovation across your organization.


How do AOTMP® Advisory Services help vendors?

An engagement with our experts helps you increase your telecom, mobility, and IT management industry intelligence.

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    Revenue Growth

    Can technology management help you make more money? With our experience and proven success at your side, the answer is yes.

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    Increased Efficiency

    Our experts have the processes, strategies, and insights your team needs to work more effectively and efficiently than ever before. 

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    Competitive Advantages

    If you can’t manage technology, you can’t beat your industry’s fiercest competitors. However, our help makes that dream a reality.

Mid-Market Businesses

How does AOTMP® Advisory Services help mid-market businesses?

Access the technology management experts the world’s most advanced organizations have trusted for almost two decades.

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    New Opportunities

    Our experts work with thousands of enterprises and vendors. We help you identify market gaps and opportunities like nobody else can.

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    Improved Offerings

    We know what works and what doesn’t. Deliver more satisfying client solutions and learn how to effectively expand your offering.

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    Increased Intelligence

    How are your competitors winning deals? Our expertise can help you understand exactly what is fueling their success.

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