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(CCP) Understanding the California Consumer Privacy Act

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:
– Summarize the history of the CCPA and its scope
– List the rights that the CCPA provides consumers
– Explain an organization’s responsibilities under the CCPA and the penalties for non-compliance
– Recognize the differences between the CCPA and the General Data Protection Regulation

Course Details

This course provides an overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act and how it might impact your organization. Upon completion of the course, your organization will be better equipped to make policy-related decisions. This course includes a history of the CCPA, an overview of its scope, an explanation of the rights it affords Californians, and an overview of an organization’s responsibilities. As an added bonus, a comparison between the CCPA and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is provided.

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