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(KPS) Keys to Technology Expense Management (TEM) Program Success

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Upon completion of this course, you will have learned:

  • Common success factors for TEM programs
  • What TEM program success looks like to different business stakeholders
  • How to set the stage for success with your TEM vendor
  • Why TEM programs fail and how to avoid problems
  • How to foster strong partnership with your TEM vendor
  • Efficiency First® Framework guiding principles supporting TEM program success

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Timothy C. Colwell, Executive Vice President at AOTMP® University, is a telecom, mobility, and IT management industry thought-leader, patent inventor, and best practice architect with 30+ years of experience helping customer drive better business results. Timothy leads the content team, which develops and produces training and certifications.

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Learning Objectives

This course outlines how to establish and sustain a successful Technology Expense Management Program. This course is ideal for all technology management practitioners and leaders. Throughout this course subject matter expert Timothy C. Colwell will share insights that will help you understand what contributes to TEM program success, how to overcome common problems you may encounter, and which best practices support TEM program success.


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