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Mobility Endpoint Security Specialist

This AOTMP® University Specialty Certification bundle includes six (6) courses that teach foundational mobility security and endpoint management best practices and one (1) certification exam that verifies best practice knowledge. Earned specialty certification credentials are valid for 24 months.

  • (MDM100) Mobile Device Management Best Practices
  • (IMC) iOS Mobility Security Considerations
  • (MSM) Mobile Security Management Specialty Course
  • (WDS) Wireless Device Security
  • (MCC) Mobile Asset Management: Change Control
  • (TEC102) IoT The Internet of Things Overview
  • Mobility Endpoint Security Specialist Exam


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About this Bundle

What you will learn

Mobility Endpoint Security Specialist

iOS Mobility Security Considerations (IMC)

  • Define considerations for an iOS Mobility policy
  • Follow best practices for iOS security
  • Understand MDM security
  • Understand risks and considerations for mitigation
  • Understand security features of iOS mobility
  • Understand standardized device benefits

Mobile Asset Management: Change Control (MCC)

  • Define the process for mobile asset change control
  • Identify steps to manage mobile asset change control
  • Understand important components of mobile asset change control
  • Understand the common challenges and ways to mitigate those challenges

Mobile Device Management Strategy Overview (MDM 100)

  • Determine why an enterprise might implement MDM and to what extent
  • Recognize AOTMP®’s recommended MDM best practices
  • Understand the purpose of each component of an MDM strategy
  • Understand the role of each MDM stakeholder group

Mobile Security Management (MSM)

  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Create an effective mobile device security strategy and policy with compliance
  • Identify potential threats and motives for mobile device attacks, targets, sources, and methods used
  • Identify the differences between mobile device management and mobile application management as well as the differences between agent-based and agentless control
  • Understand likely consequences of a security breach

The Internet of Things (IoT) Overview (TEC 102)

  • Define IoT
  • Describe a use case for IoT
  • Describe the trends that enabled IoT
  • Identify the components of IoT

Wireless Device Security (WDS)

  • Develop a Wireless Security Policy
  • Implement a Wireless Security Policy
  • Maintain a Wireless Security Policy

What's Included

This bundle includes the following courses:

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