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Mobility Strategy Specialist

This AOTMP® University Specialty Certification bundle includes eight (6) courses and one (1) certification exam that verifies best practice knowledge. Earned specialty certification credentials are valid for 24 months.

  • Mobility Strategy Specialist
  • WMS  Wireless Management Strategies
  • EMM101  Enterprise Mobility Management: The Basics
  • IBP100  Implementing a BYOD Program
  • MPF  Mobile Policy: Fundamentals
  • MMF  Mobile Asset Management: Fundamentals


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About this Bundle

What you will learn

Mobility Strategy Specialist

Enterprise Mobility Management 101: The Basics (EMM 101)

  • Evaluate considerations for EMM
  • Follow best practices for EMM
  • Provide a foundation for understanding the scope, definitions, background, and considerations for enterprise mobility management
  • Understand definitions for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • Understand the systems and services that support mobility EMM

Mobile Asset Management: Fundamentals (MMF)

  • Define the process for validating mobile assets
  • Identify steps to manage mobile assets
  • Understand collateral materials to identify mobile assets
  • Understand important components of mobile assets

Mobile Policy: Fundamentals (MPF)

  • Conduct an audit of a mobile policy
  • Define the process for mobile policy creation
  • Identify steps to manage mobile policies
  • Understand important components of mobile policy

Preparing for a BYOD Program (IBP)

  • Articulate the role of a planning team
  • Identify the phases of preparing for a BYOD program
  • Identify the scope of a BYOS progam
  • Recall the necessary components for a BYOD program policy

Wireless Management Strategies (WMS)

  • Define a service profile
  • Define a user profile; Identify common components in a user profile
  • Identify common components in a service profile
  • Identify two key strategies to effectively manage a wireless environment
  • Recommend ways to optimize your mobile environment

What's Included

This bundle includes the following courses:

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