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(PIS) Introduction to the PIS Specification (China)

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:
– Understand the PIS Specification, its requirements and its penalties
– Understand the effects of the PIS Specification on enterprise and vendor environments
– Apply your knowledge of the PIS Specification on enterprise and vendor environments

Course Details

The Personal Information Security Specification, or PIS Specification, is a systematic, national standard set by the People’s Republic of China in order to protect personal information and how it is shared both domestically and abroad. It lays out detailed new regulations for user consent as well as how personal data is collected, stored, and shared. Compliance with the PIS Specification is not restricted to organizations with physical locations in affected provinces; any organization that collects or processes the data of any person within the territorial confines of the People’s Republic of China is also subject to the PIS Specification. This course offers an overview of the PIS Specification and reviews pertinent compliance standards, enforcement practices, data breach reporting practices, and real-life application of this data privacy law.

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