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(PIB 01) POTS-in-a-Box Solutions Primer

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This course, a primer on POTS-in-a-Box solutions, is ideal for all technology management practitioners and leaders. Throughout this course you will learn best practices from subject matter expert Greg Herman, Director of Mobile Solutions at MetTel, that will help you understand the business applications, use cases, and consideration for selecting and managing POTS line replacement solutions.

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MetTel is a leader in communications and digital transformation (DX) solutions for enterprise customers. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, MetTel gives enterprises one, unified view and control point for all their communications and advanced network services. MetTel’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions improves productivity, reduces costs, and simplifies operations. Learn more at

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will have learned:

  • What POTS-in-a-Box is
  • What is driving demand for POTS-in-a-Box solutions and the business problems solved by these solutions
  • Common business applications and use cases that benefit from POTS-in-a-Box solutions
  • Considerations for selecting POTS-in-a-Box solutions for your business
  • Considerations for implementing and managing POTS-in-a-Box solutions
  • Efficiency First® Framework best practices supporting POTS-in-a-Box solution evaluation and implementation

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