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(UCA) Understanding Cloud Architecture

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:
– Define Cloud architecture and understand what basic needs are met by a cloud solution
– Identify and understand the network layer components and the subcomponents required environment
– Understand how each component functions to enable cloud solutions in a telecom environment
– Determine which delivery model is needed for different telecom environments

With the exponential growth in cloud utilization, it is imperative for an enterprise’s telecom team to understand the key components of cloud architecture. There are multiple levels of functionality, potential cost and infrastructure support that need to be evaluated at an operational level to determine what cloud solution makes the most sense for each enterprise. As enterprise adopters focus on scalability, security and unification, solid knowledge of the various areas of cloud architecture can ensure that a telecom team will provide the best recommendation for their enterprise cloud solution. This understanding of implementation needs, both business related and technical, can give a telecom team confidence in their ability to support their customers, as well as their internal and external business partners.

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