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(UCP) Creating and Implementing a UC Management Policy

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All enterprises that migrate to Unified Communications (UC) should have a clear policy for managing its functions. There are multiple ways in which the lack of clear policy can lead to low user adoption and potential misuse of the UC features. It is necessary to communicate expectations for the adoption and use of UC, as specified by the corporation, so there is no confusion for users. The implementation of good change control mechanisms will allow the UC to scale with the enterprise as needed and to make maximum use of the functionality available from the UC platform.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:
– Identify the necessary aspects of a UC Policy
– Understand the steps in monitoring UC Policy adoption
– Identify what change control mechanism are required to manage change control during UC implementation
– Identify the appropriate levels of approval for each step in the change control and UC management policy process
– Create a basic UC Policy

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