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Tim Lybrook
Tim is Founder & CEO of AOTMP®

Hello Fellow Industry Professionals,

Welcome to AOTMP® Insights, the resource for telecom, mobility, and IT technology management professionals across the globe. There are more than 10 million of you and, as you know, we are looking to bring more and more of you together to help advance careers, advance departments, and bring more overall value to your respective organizations while also growing the industry.

As we wrap up the year, first, a big thank you to our tens of thousands of readers and those who have provided ideas for us to better support industry professionals, both on the business side and the vendor side. These ideas to change and grow our telecom, mobility, and IT management industry have inspired so many new initiatives that it took several months to narrow them down to something manageable for 2023. So again, thank you to everyone.

Some of the ideas that we expect to come to life in 2023 …

1. We will expand our content production in a big way. You will see a rolling two quarter publication schedule so you will always know what is about to be published. Also, our content production will be primarily focused on these areas:

  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Mobility Management
  • SaaS Management
  • Cloud Services Management
  • Procurement & Vendor Management

Content will include executive content, industry impact papers, guides, templates, tools, checklists, industry training content, and so much more.

2. We are launching an entirely new AOTMP® Connect platform that will be website and mobile app based. AOTMP® Connect will contain four primary components: Member Lounge, AOTMP® Engage, Industry Solution Showcase, and the Women in Tech Unite community. It will take your experience with us to an entirely new level.

3. We are rolling out a new AOTMP® Membership level. You can now become an AOTMP® Member at no cost. This new level will provide unlimited access to AOTMP® Insights, otherwise, you will be limited to five article views. You will also be able to download a member badge, download our new AOTMP® Connect mobile app where you can see all our events and much more.

4. Going forward our professional and corporate both business and vendor, members will have access to even more exclusive content in the member community. They will also be able to connect with one another more easily, thanks to our new platform that includes AI-driven matchmaking and recommended connections based on interests. They can also more easily attend member meetings just by bookmarking the event and adding it to their calendar. They can also participate in the member discussion hub and much more.

5. Our Women in Tech Unite community will continue to improve with a mentor / mentee program, more profiles of Women in Tech, the ability to discuss important topics, and the ability to connect with others with like-minded interests, all through the new AOTMP® Connect platform. After the initial registration in the community, participates can easily bookmark and add to their calendars all upcoming meetings.

6. Our AOTMP® University program will continue to expand as well. With more than 200 online courses already available, we expect to roll out more than 25 new courses in 2023. We recently released two courses. Previews are on our web site and the full courses are now in our Learning Management System. Our course development schedule is all based on content suggestions from our AOTMP® University users all across the globe. The two newest courses are:

SASE Primer
License Management (UCaaS / CCaaS) Primer

7. Back due to popular demand from our business and vendor customers, we will be having our 2nd annual industry solution showcase on September 12 – 14. Mark your calendars now.

And don’t forget two of our most popular activities.

1. Register for AOTMP® Engage 2023 in Orlando, April 30 to May 4. The Early Bird pricing runs out the end of the month. Check it out.

2. The 8-part series, The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Industry Has to Change is publishing its last article this month. Check out the Series. It has been the most popular content in our 19 year history.

And to wrap up the year, we just can’t thank all of you enough for the inspiration to bring more value to you, the industry professional, and for providing the ideas to help us all continue to grow our telecom, mobility, and IT management industry.

And most importantly, enjoy the holiday season.

Until next time,

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