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The upkeep of copper lines for telephone service is no longer required by telecommunications companies, meaning that the analog copper wirelines are on the outs. Copper wireline prices are becoming more prohibitive and will continue to rise as they become more obsolete. An answer to this sunsetting is implementing a plug-and-play POTS in a Box solution. POTS in a Box replaces wireline POTS lines and use cellular, wi-fi, and/or ethernet to remain connected. Here are some things to consider when switching to POTS in a Box for alarm lines.

  1. Updating may seem unnecessary if your old POTS lines are doing their jobs, but POTS in a Box technology can work with newer technologies. These newer technologies may include comfort services like HVAC, lighting, power, and more.
  2. It’s easier to be code compliant with POTS in Box’s newer technology.
  3. POTS in a Box solution may use LTE service with backup batteries, and some work with wi-fi connections. This mesh network ensures connectivity will not be lost in the case of a power outage because the mesh network communicates through multiple different paths.
  4. Transmission time for a dialer can be 30-60 seconds, and if it encounters a busy signal, it has to dial again. With a cellular connection, the transmission time is milliseconds. This is a major difference in the case of an emergency.
  5. Many newer systems have capabilities beyond just the basic functions of a POTS line and are easier to use. For example, many systems have touchscreens that are much simpler to operate than the old keypad that scrolled line by line.
  6. The best way to ensure new technology is working correctly is to work with service providers and/or the authority having jurisdiction. This ensures the new tech works and also remains in compliance, as codes and standards vary from place to place.
  7. If a POTS in a Box solution is installed, ensure that any old wirelines are decommissioned and billing stops to avoid paying for lines that are no longer in use.
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