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Written by
Timothy C. Colwell
Tim is Executive Vice President at AOTMP®.

Identifying, evaluating, and selecting products, services, and solutions that positively contribute to telecom, mobility, and IT management success requires a clear understanding of business requirements and objectives. Sometimes the sourcing event is simple and straightforward – find a product SKU at a cost-effective price from a reputable supplier. Success factors for this sourcing event include availability, reliability, price, and terms.

Sourcing is not always this clear-cut, though. When a new (or new to you) product, service, or solution is evaluated, it is important to have a vision of the value it will deliver. Look beyond the features and functionality of the offering and answer the question – What does success look like?

Success may take the form of increasing productivity, improving efficiency, reducing risk, improving agility, or increasing competitive advantage. The degree of positive change may be incremental or extraordinary. In either case, discussing and documenting the vision of success supports a business case for change and offers insights into the business value of the opportunity beyond the customary availability, reliability, price, and terms sourcing elements.

This approach to documenting success also encourages deep internal discussion of offering value prior to purchase. When the value of an opportunity is clear and consensus of the value amongst business stakeholders is achieved, then the purchasing decision is simplified and confidence in after-the-purchase value delivery assessment is improved.

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