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Bring Your Own Bills

This program takes learning to the next level by leveraging real examples from your environment to teach audit and optimization best practices.

Validating invoice accuracy and identifying financial optimization opportunities are essential telecom and mobility management practices.

See how instructor-led training can benefit you and your team.

The Program

The BYOB program is a powerful way to take your telecom and mobility management environment to a new level of performance and bring additional value to the overall business. Using your invoices and contracts as working examples, AOTMP® University will teach you auditing and optimization terms, techniques, and best practices that will help your team gain and maintain financial and operational visibility and control across your technology management environment.

What your team will learn.

Across five 90-minute online sessions with our instructor.

Essential Telecom & Mobility Terms

Customer Service Record Interpretation Practices

Contract Catalog Creation & Compliance Validation

How to Audit Fixed / Wireline Invoices

How to Audit Packet Switched Circuits & Services

Mobile/Wireless Service Audit & Optimization Best Practices

How to Correct Invoice Errors & Obtain Credits for Overcharges

Invoice Inventory Best Practices for Data Accuracy

Participation in the BYOB program requires the customer to provide a sample set of fixed telecom and mobile/wireless invoices and contracts to the AOTMP® University instructor at least two weeks prior to the first session. Invoices and contracts will be incorporated as live examples to support the program.

Attendees are also eligible to earn a specialist certification in their specific area of interest (role or responsibility focused) for $750/each (a $1,495 value).

Meet the Instructor

Timothy C. Colwell

Timothy C. Colwell, Executive Vice President at AOTMP® University, is a telecom, mobility, and cloud / IT management industry thought leader, patent inventor, and best practice architect with 30+ years of experience helping customers drive better business results. He leads the content team, which develops, produces, and delivers training and certifications.

Tim is an industry insider with deep knowledge of how to develop and deliver financial and operational technology management excellence. Let’s hear from Tim in his own words on his career journey and how it qualifies him to instruct this program.

In the Beginning

I began my career in technology management working as a solution engineer for a data networking manufacturer that produced T-1 multiplexers for direct connection to IXC carrier voice switches and 56k digital multiplexing hardware (back when 56k was the bomb replacing multi-drop analog lines for connecting terminals to AS/400 mainframes). While I geeked-out on technology, I quickly realized that I had a knack for interpreting tariffs to identify the most cost effect intra- and inter-LATA circuit routing options for customers. That’s when I began to approach technology management from a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective and I’ve never looked back.

Core Philosophy

Never stop improving! Opportunities to improve professionally and personally are present every day. The same holds true for teams and organizations. I love to dig deep and find the next opportunity for improvement and I believe that sharing what I learn is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility.

How do I identify improvement opportunities? Simple…I ask questions and I listen. My technique was honed over 15+ years of process and performance improvement consulting. I’ve helped companies with critical technology management decisions like selecting TEM and MMS vendors, migrating PSTN voice to UCaaS, and sourcing network carriers. I’ve contributed to global technology modernization projects and helped companies develop vendor management strategies. I’ve helped customers solve tactical workflow problems and I’ve helped customers establish sustainable technology management strategy.

My experience leading a technology management industry research and publication practice also contributed to my knowledge of how to develop best practices. Through qualitative and quantitative research studies and thousands of hours analyzing data collected from organizations across the globe, insights into what works and what doesn’t were revealed. Performance data guides best practice creation.

Today, I continue to identify opportunities to improve through conversations with customers, prospects, and colleagues. These conversations happen daily and what I learn fuels best practices for training and certification content. I do the research; you benefit from what I uncover.

Journey Highlights

Courses & Certifications

Developed 20+ bootcamps and certifications.

Delivered 100+ 3 to 5-day instructor-led bootcamps.

Contributed to the development of 200+ online, on-demand courses.

Executive Sponsor & Principal Consultant

100+ engagements supported.

Over $250 million of positive budget impact delivered to customers.

Areas of engagement scope and my expertise.

  • Center of Excellence Design
  • Technology Modernization Strategy
  • Vendor Sourcing & RFP Management
  • Asset, License & Service Inventory Validation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • BPO Statement of Work Creation
  • Policy Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Performance Benchmarking & Reporting
  • KPI Development
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action Plan Creation
Efficiency First® Framework & Performance Index Architect

The Framework is a set of best practices and principles for managing enterprise telecom, mobility, and Cloud / IT technology. It promotes technical, financial, and operational management efficiency, and drives business results.

The Performance Index is a standardized performance scale that measures telecom, mobility, and cloud / IT (technology) management excellence and delivers a recommended action plan to optimize performance results.

Business Process Patents

US 8,775,233

US 8,484,071

Drivers and Passion

I love solving problems and figuring out how to prevent the same problems from reoccurring. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating a best practice that improves efficiency and performance while knowing that when that best practice is used it will really work. Solve the problem; improve the results.
Photo of Tim Lybrook
“I’ve known Tim professionally for nearly 25 years. He is arguably one of the best minds in the industry when it comes to best practices for effective and high performing telecom and mobility management environments. I would put his knowledge of all the core management disciplines up against anyone in the industry.”

~ Tim Lybrook, CEO at AOTMP® University


$9,500 includes up to 10 members of your team.

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