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Instructor-led Programs

We developed these online high-impact training programs especially for teams. Each one is led by an experienced AOTMP University instructor.

Center of Excellence

Prepare your telecom and mobility management team to make greater contributions to the business and position your team to be a strategic asset and role model for the rest of the organization.

Technology Management Foundations

This training program explores technology management industry essentials and delves into foundational best practices that improve technology management efficiency.

Pick 3

The pace of business, technology, and industry change requires the entire team to be agile and to execute efficiently. Pick any three common initiatives, priorities, or challenges from our list, and AOTMP® University will tailor best practice training to your selection.

Bring Your Own bills

This high impact ‘BYOB’ program is a powerful way to take your telecom, mobility, and IT management environment to a new level of performance Using your invoices, contracts, and inventory.

Onboarding for Vendors

A primer on the evolution and current state of the TEM / MMS industry that explores buyer and customers challenges and opportunities.

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