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Women in Tech is an ongoing initiative, with features and events happening throughout the year.

This live event will include speakers, educational sessions and awards.

Online sessions, panels, and interviews at AOTMP® events throughout the year

Recognizing outstanding achievements and successes of women working in technology

Profiles, awards, and personal branding specifically for women aged 15 to 30.

Featured profiles and interviews in March, June, September and December

One-hour live online sessions in March, June, September and December. 

Alone a woman has power, together we have impact! The power of women uniting and channeling the strength of collaboration has a direct impact on women’s overall success. That is why we created AOTMP Women in Tech Unite, a platform built to support and advance women wherever they are in the world and in their career journey. By creating a network of women who are effectively acting as mentors and sponsors for one another, we hope to make AOTMP Women in Tech Unite a safe place for women to go for support and to provide assistance to others in all aspects of their professional lives

“Together, we will make an impact.”
– Rachel Lekhtman, Spokeswoman

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If you identify with any of these categories, we would love for you to get involved.

Technology Leaders

Do you influence your department or others in meeting their business objectives and supporting strategic decisions?

Next Generation Professionals

Do you have five years or less in the telecom, mobility, or IT industry, but are already making strong waves?


Are you an entrepreneur solving business problems in the telecom, mobility, or IT industry?

Technology Professionals

Are you a telecom, mobility, or IT industry professional?

Cybersecurity Professionals

Are you a technology professional focused on ever-evolving cybersecurity practices?
Volunteers & Educators
Is your passion inspiring girls and women to pursue careers in technology?
DEI Advocates
Are you a contributor to your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy efforts?

A Young Woman in Tech

You are aged between 15 and 30 and are in high school or early career.

Aged 15 to 30? Check out Young Women in Tech
Principal Software Engineering Manager
Microsoft Corp
Manager, Collaboration & Mobility Technologies, TEM & Data Telecom
Director of Marketing
vCom Solutions

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Sakon is showing their commitment to Women in Tech by making the following pledge.

Company Goals

1. Start a mentoring program where both male and female mentors will help guide several of our female employees to encourage, develop, and support them as needed.

2. Start a scholarship program where Sakon will provide a tech package scholarship open to both the daughters of our employees and our customers entering into technology related fields. This will be an essay competition where the winner will be awarded a laptop or MacBook and some peripheral equipment. Again, this isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but we are developing it. The idea may change but we believe in supporting young females joining the ranks of technologists.

3. We are discussing starting a summer internship for young female tech students, possible in summer of 2023. This is still in ideation, but we believe this is a good way to support our future talent.

4. We are reviewing job descriptions and making sure we maintain equity in the roles and pay scales.


Since we just began with this effort two months ago, we are still in infancy and planning stages. Next year we should be able to report against these goals and have more of our efforts materializing.

Looking Ahead

Our company President, Dan Hughes, has assigned me as a leader for achieving these goals and we have set up a team with HR and other leadership to work on the goals. We will have sessions to work through meeting the goals and developing future efforts to continuously improve. This is a long term effort and not just something that is accomplished and over. We plan to always champion women and help them, along with all our employees, to develop their skills and to grow at Sakon.

“Affirming customer goals are achieved through verifiable results is the foundation of partnership that will advance the industry.”

~ Timothy C. Cowell, Executive Vice President, AOTMP®