In March of 2020, Pennsylvania considered us an essential business. Between our contracts with Republic Services for e-recycling and weekly asset pickups from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, our customers couldn’t move forward without us. Our staff remained employed, but we cut down hours so that they could take advantage of some of the benefits that were available to them. By Labor Day of 2020, we began to see an uptick in ITAD clients as companies started asset refresh projects. The value of older assets increased and helped fill in some of the holes caused by supply chain issues.

After closing out 2020 on a high, we were fully staffed again in 2021. To invest in what was coming next, we launched a new ERP system in November of 2020 that would enable us to improve our services to meet current and future volume demands. The system included a customer portal so that customers could track the progress of their assets and access compliance documents to meet their sustainability goals. By the end of 2021, we moved into a new facility because as the business continued to thrive, we needed a more controlled lab environment for electronics harvesting and refurbishing. The new lab has temperature, air, and dust control which facilitates better quality control in repairing IT assets.

Starting in January 2022, clients started to purchase new equipment and schedule more projects with eLoop as part of their standard refresh programs. Bigger organizations, like hospitals, invest in new technology assets and refurbish or recycle their old assets through us. The refurbished, business-grade assets then get resold into an international market and to smaller local companies, creating a circular economy in the Pittsburgh area. Our business is primarily regional as transportation logistics necessitate pickups to maintain the chain of custody to ensure the security of assets, but for clients with operations in other parts of the US we provide a solution for their assets as well.

Today, our Last Call, a phone buyback program, controls the shipping of devices to our facility. eLoop inventories all of the phones and wipes the data from the phones with an enterprise grade software to meet security standards. Once wiped, these phones are graded and sold. Our objective is to pay our client within 30 days from the day of receipt. This data security, inventory control, and value predictability is appealing to a lot of organizations especially as device refresh projects resume and accelerate for many organizations.

Photo of Ned Eldridge
Ned is President/CEO and Founder of eLoop LLC

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