It’s hard to believe we are in May already, and wow, how different is this May than last May or May of 2019. Things change so fast, and who could have ever predicted what we have all been through the last three years. And speaking of change, I would love to hear from all of you with three things that have changed for you since May 2019. What has made a big and positive difference in your life, either personally or professionally? Email me directly at I look forward to hearing more… and who knows, it might be worth a story.

Speaking of change, we have had so much feedback over the years from buyers and sellers looking for better ways to engage with each other. Vendors are looking for more efficient ways to connect with buyers and the right buyers, and buyers are looking for more efficient ways to buy what they are looking for… from start to finish.

With that in mind, and as an organization to support telecom, mobility, and IT professionals, AOTMP® has set out to explore options that may be beneficial to both sides of the equation. It will be a long process, but we just have to start.

Just to get a baseline to start with, I reached out to several vendor executives and asked, “What should an enterprise consider when looking for a new solution?” Check out what they had to say on Page 18 . Next, I will be asking buyers the same type of question: What are they looking for in a vendor? That will get us started.

Also, to keep this initiative moving forward, we have announced our Industry Solution Showcase – AOTMP® is reimagining how buyers and sellers connect. You won’t want to miss this live online event on July 27-28. Check it out on Page 30. It’s just another way we are working to bridge the gap for both sides.

Any other thoughts or ideas? Send them over. In the meantime, enjoy the read and keep your foot on the gas.


Photo of Tim Lybrook
Tim is the Founder & CEO of AOTMP®

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