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Tim Lybrook
Tim is the Founder & CEO of AOTMP®

Hello Fellow Industry Professionals,

Welcome to the 27th edition of AOTMP® Insights, the resource for telecom, mobility, and IT technology management professionals across the globe.

First, a big thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Industry Solutions Showcase. We appreciate it, and it was a great success from both the vendor side (those presenting) and the participant side (those watching). The positive feedback has us already making plans for next year. We already have a new platform that will take both the user and the presentation experience up a level. We are currently narrowing down our dates, but expect it to be in September 2023. Stay tuned.

As you might recall, the purpose of that event was to reimagine how buyers and sellers connect. We needed something different for the industry. First, we penned an article about what vendors would recommend to enterprises when considering new solutions. Then we followed that with another article focused on what enterprises would recommend to vendors. And all the industry feedback led us to the Industry Solution Showcase, as something different for buyers and sellers and their experience connecting with each other. We knew this industry needed something different.

But articles and the showcase just weren’t enough for us. We had to take it to yet another level. The Telecom Expense Management Industry Has to Change – an 8-Part Article Series was born. In August we rolled out the series overview and we just recently released Part 1 – The Industry. The entire series includes the following:

Overview – Published in August
Part 1 – The Industry – Published in September
Part 2 – Value Beyond Cost Savings – Published in September
Part 3 – The Buy and Sell Process – Published in October
Part 4 – The Dichotomy of Savings – Published in October
Part 5 – The Buyer and Seller Relationship – Published in November
Part 6 – Building a Center of Excellence – Published in November
Part 7 – Message to the Buyers – Published in December
Part 8 – Message to the Sellers – Published in December

Check it out as the articles are released, and I would love to know your thoughts. So far, the response from both the vendor side and the business side has been incredible. The main themes evolving are “we so much needed this” and “this is so true, on both sides” and “this really makes you stop and think.” Keep the comments coming.

Until next month …

We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges.


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