A unique business opportunity that helps you tap into one of the world’s most lucrative industries.

Whether you’re an experienced technology professional leading digital transformation or an entrepreneur looking to start your own successful business, AOTMP®’s Managing Partners Program can create your ideal business opportunity.

Our business-in-a-box approach makes it easier, cheaper, and faster than ever to implement AOTMP®’s industry-leading University courses, Efficiency First® Tools, and advisory services.

Backed by almost 20 years of proven telecom, mobility, and IT management success, our Managing Partners Program gives you everything you need to sell the solutions that drive technical, operational, and financial performance across global enterprises and vendors.


You’ve got options. With minimal investment and no prior experience needed, AOTMP®’s Managing Partners Program helps you:

  • collaboration

    Expand Your Capabilities

    Implement the proven best practices, technologies, and global strategies that matter most to you.

  • analysis-1

    Improve Your Flexibility

    Choose from a variety of pre-packaged products or customize your own toolset to satisfy strategic needs.

  • network-1

    Cut Your Costs

    Eliminate overhead and expensive vendor selection processes by creating a training program on your terms.

  • skills

    Ensure Your Success

    Don’t start from scratch. Use the same tools and resources the world’s biggest brands have relied on for years.

  • speaker

    Make More Money

    Earn a 50% commission for every service, program, and recurring revenue opportunity you sell. No fine print or strings attached.

  • mace

    Improve Your Expertise

    Support your technology management training program with certified professionals and almost two decades of industry experience.

You’ll Never See a Better Business Opportunity
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