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Telecom Audit Specialist I

This AOTMP® University Specialty Certification bundle includes five (5) courses that teach foundational best practices for auditing telecom invoices and one (1) certification exam that verifies best practice knowledge. Earned specialty certification credentials are valid for 24 months.

  • (ITA) Introduction to Auditing
  • (ALT) Auditing Lifecycle and Tools
  • (AMN) Auditing Materials
  • (CAP) Cost Containment and Cost Avoidance Practices
  • (DMG) Dispute Management
  • Telecom Audit Specialist I Certification Exam


Certification Exam Included!

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About this Bundle

What you will learn

Telecom Audit Specialist I

Auditing Lifecycle and Tools (ALT)

  • Identify steps in a successful audit lifecycle
  • Recall examples of process improvement and cost savings
  • Recognize the organizational benefits of auditing

Auditing Materials (AMN)

  • Define the materials required for invoice-to-contract or invoice-to-tariff audits
  • Understand how to read the required documents

Cost Containment and Cost Avoidance Practices (CAP)

  • Define cost avoidance and cost containment
  • Identify key ways to maximize cost savings
  • Resolve disputes
  • Select technology that meets operation needs at the best pricing
  • Understand how to negotiate optimal contracts

Dispute Management Process (DMG)

  • Identify common areas of vendor disputes
  • List best practices for managing disputes
  • Name the “steps” of the dispute management process
  • Recognize challenges that exist when managing disputes

Introduction to Auditing (ITA)

  • Define common terms related to Invoice Auditing
  • Identify areas of an invoice where incorrect or unauthorized charges are common
  • Select responsibilities of an Invoice Auditor as defined in this course

What's Included

This bundle includes the following courses:

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