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Telecom Contracts Specialist

This AOTMP® University Specialty Certification bundle includes five (5) courses that teach foundational best practices for managing telecom contracts and one (1) certification exam that verifies best practice knowledge. Earned specialty certification credentials are valid for 24 months.

  • (CMF) Contract Management Fundamentals
  • (CCC) Contract Catalogs and Compliance Validation
  • (RRE) Reducing, Recovering, and Eliminating Fees
  • (TRR) Telecom Records: Housekeeping 101 for your Critical Documents
  • (ATP) Telecom Pain Points and Perspectives
  • Telecom Contracts Specialist Exam


Certification Exam Included!

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About this Bundle

What you will learn

Telecom Contracts Specialist

Developing a Business Case for TEM Programs (BCT)

  • Calculate a TEM Program ROI
  • Define TEM
  • Develop a TEM Program Business Case
  • Perform a TEM Program Needs Assessment
  • Understand the value of TEM

Developing a Telecom Expense Management Plan (TEM)

  • Define Telecom Expense Management
  • Distinguish between the benefits of insourcing and outsourcing
  • Explain how to identify the ROI of a Telecom Expense Management program
  • Explain how to maximize the benefits of a Telecom Expense Management program
  • Perform a needs assessment for a Telecom Expense Management program

Invoices and TEM 101 (ITE)

  • Define TEM and its focus areas
  • Identify four types of extraneous usage
  • State the importance of a telecom or IT invoice with respect to cost

Managing TEM Vendor Relationships (MTR)

  • Explain relationship communications
  • Identify the various management considerations throughout the lifecycle of the TEM vendor relationship
  • Understand the relationship plan development process

Preparing to Use an RFP to Select a TEM Vendor (STP 01)

  • Define a RFP
  • Define the three areas of concentration in an RFP scope
  • Describe how to prepare an RFP

Thinking Constructively About TEM ROI (TRI)

  • Calculate ROI for TEM programs
  • Discuss the importance of executive level perception and buy in for TEM programs
  • Review expense management
  • Review the importance of calculating ROI for TEM programs

Using an RFP to Select a TEM Vendor (STP 02)

  • Coordinate the RFP release and TEM vendor proposal method
  • Evaluate TEM vendor proposals
  • Explain the process to select a TEM vendor

What's Included

This bundle includes the following courses:

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