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Telecom MACD & Change Management Specialist

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This AOTMP University Specialist Certification is ideal for telecom management professionals in operations roles with change control responsibilities. It includes five (5) courses that teach foundational best practices for telecom change management and one (1) certification exam that verifies best practice knowledge.
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What you will learn

Learning objectives for each course supporting this certification include:

Change Management Executing and Monitoring Change (CEM)

  • Differentiate between the change management strategies for five separate departments
  • Explain what occurs within each phase of the process lifecycle
  • Identify the four phases of change management within the process lifecycle
  • List the five departments that have specific departmental process protocols

Change Management Preparation (CMP)

  • Define change management and its underlying principles
  • Discuss items to take into consideration prior to creating the project plan and process for implementing and managing change
  • Identify catalysts for change in the telecom environment

Change Management: Project Planning (CPP)

  • Create a draft project plan
  • Identify the process used to create a change project plan
  • Recognize the components of the scope of work
  • Write the objective of the change project

Effectively Managing Change (CHM)

  • Develop a project plan to manage a change within a telecommunications environment
  • Explain the purpose of each step in the process development life cycle
  • Explain why project planning is necessary for effective change management
  • Identify common processes within different areas of an organization that can help with effective change management
  • List the five catalysts for change in a telecommunications environment

Managing the MACD Process (MMC)

  • Explain financial MACDs
  • Explain operational MACDs
  • Explain technical MACDs
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Certification exam

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Foundation and intermediate telecom, mobility, and cloud/IT topics.

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Included AOTMP Courses


Every 2 years. Recertification requires passing an exam prior to credential renewal date.

Telecom MACD & Change Management Specialist badge

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