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[Webinar Recording] How to make sure your IT team has the functional IT and Telecom skills they need to support Digital Transformation

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Upskill? Re-skill?  How do you make sure your IT team has the functional IT and Telecom skills they need to support Digital Transformation in your world? This 30 min quick take will show you the essentials to turn your IT and Telecom workers into Invoice Crushing, AI Thrashing, IoT Conquering Rock Stars!  You need skilled [...]

[Webinar Recording] How to Select a Vendor in a New Technology Market: RFP Best Practices

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With today’s IT function demanding new technologies to help them transform their business into category leaders, that means having to look at new vendors with lesser known technologies. How do you select the best of an unproven pool of candidates? Where are the biggest risks? What do you ask to ensure a good match for [...]

[Webinar Recording] Q2 Sneak Preview: AOTMP and Blue Hill Research Agenda

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AOTMP Research and its Blue Hill Research division have many new reports planned for 2018’s second quarter. We’re pleased to bring you topics that continue to add to our nine diverse practice areas, guiding vendors and enterprises in their mutual quest to support and serve as telecom management Centers of Excellence. April 26 at 3 pm EDT.

Global Information, Research and Advisory Firm Launches AOTMP Industry Council

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The new council offers an exclusive peer-to-peer network for telecom, mobility and technology professionals to collaborate and advance the industry AOTMP, a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom, mobility and technology management best practices and industry standards, today announced the launch of a new industry council for enterprises and the vendor professionals who [...]

Telecom/Mobility/Technology Management Ecosystem: 2018 Market Landscape

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This 2018 Telecom/Mobility/Technology Market Landscape report highlights key trends influencing the performance and efficiency of the telecom, mobility, and technology management ecosystem. It further provides analyst recommendations for implementing and negotiating change that will improve overall outcomes through telecom management. Read an excerpt of this market landscape today. If you are interested in purchasing or sponsoring this landscape, please contact us or connect with a live agent now.

Mobile Trends 2018 – Mobile, ITEM, Blockchain, VR, Cybersecurity and Much More!

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Analyst Perspective by Tony Rizzo, Senior Research Director January 2018 began with a true tech blockbuster – Blue Hill Research and AOTMP merged to create and deliver an exciting and new emerging technology, mobile and telecom management research and advisory service! What an amazing way to start a new year of working within the realm [...]

My Telecom and IT Wish List for the Trump Administration

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J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Mobile and Wireless | LinkedIn My Telecom and IT Wish List for the Trump Administration As Trump is getting ready to take his place in the White House as the next U.S. President, a timely topic lies at the intersect of where the world of [...]