How to Define Your Telecom Security Plan Management Roles

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Today’s highly advanced telecom environment includes many types of new mobile end point devices from mobile phones to ruggedized tablets, to remote kiosks, to IoT devices or even wearables. And each of them create a huge volume of data transmitting to and from the cloud.  In today's highly connected business environment, it's important to have [...]

Mobile Application Security Before Hardware

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I get to join several product demonstrations each month and speak with various technology companies about the current and next-generation problems they are working to solve. Sometimes you hear about products when it’s too late, when you don’t work with a client anymore who might have benefited from a solution or a solution they tried [...]

What SIP Security and Ice Cream Have in Common

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What SIP Security and Ice Cream Have in Common As enterprises continue to put SIP technology into their telecom environments, they need to do whatever they can to support the integrity of their networks. That starts with SIP security, which organizations would do well to think of as the very top part of an [...]

Mobile Security – A Very Scary World

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Mobile Security - A Very Scary World   Santosh Krishnan, Lookout Last month, AOTMP’s Telecom Management Industry Update started exploring mobile security and enterprises’ ten-dency to react to intrusions and problems, rather than employ proactive strategies. One area that stood out was the question of how the cloud impacts mobile security. Turns [...]

How to Start Securing Enterprise Mobile Devices

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Shredding iPads Doesn't Count: How to Start Securing Enterprise Mobile Devices The recently disclosed Tesco bank hack, last year’s Pegasus spyware targeting iOS, infected apps on the Google Play Store – every day seems to bring more examples of mobile device attacks that could disable or even dismantle a business. Anecdotes further highlight the [...]

How Fog Computing Will Impact IoT Solutions

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 Christine Kruze  Vendor Program Manager  LinkedIn How Fog Computing Will Impact IoT Solutions The Internet of Things (IoT) and current-state cloud computing have created a situation where billions (and growing) of remote sensory devices work perpetually to transmit raw data to centralized cloud data centers for storage and eventual retrieval/analysis. This has [...]