digital transformation

Seven Technologies to Ensure Digital Transformation Success

The recent progress technology has made isn’t impressive – it’s downright mind-blowing! As we approach the end of this decade and reflect, it’s impossible to ignore how far digital transformation has come in th...

white-collar jobs

Automation & White-Collar Jobs

While we touched on the impact automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have on your organization months ago, a new study published by the Brookings Institution explores a little-discussed impact these t...


Welcome to the Age of Hyperautomation

Thanks to a combination of business process digitization, constant connectivity, and smart machines, we’ve entered a new age. A technology-driven age. The age of hyperautomation. Hyperautomation Defined While h...

future of work

The Future of Work

I touched on it in yesterday’s post, but technology is changing everything we do. And this trend dramatically impacts the future of work. Don’t believe me? Consider this: many of today’s most in-demand jobs did...


The Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Many of today’s digital transformation projects include a new trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, almost any industry can benefit from these intelligent, independent systems. No wonder we’re seeing a ...