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AOTMP Q2 Research Agenda Announced

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News and Notes AOTMP Research and its Blue Hill Research division have many new reports planned for 2018’s second quarter. We’re pleased to bring you topics that continue to add to our nine diverse practice areas, guiding vendors and enterprises in their mutual quest to support and serve as, respectively, telecom/mobility/technology management Centers of Excellence. [...]

Calero and Comview Usher in the First TEM/EMM M&A of 2018

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Calero and Comview Usher in the First TEM/EMM M&A of 2018 AOTMP’s prediction that consolidation in the TEM and EMM industries would continue into 2018 has come true in just the first week of the new year. On Wednesday, Calero said it purchased 20-year-old Comview on Dec. 29 for an undisclosed amount. The first [...]

The Mobility Management Challenge

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Smartphones, tablets and connected handhelds are commonplace in business today. Independent of corporate liable, personal liable or blended liability strategies for addressing device and plan costs, access to corporate systems and information is something every mobile user enjoys to some degree. Many businesses [...]

What to Expect from TEM/EMM Services: 2018-2020

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The outlook for the TEM/EMM services industry remains active and promising, and the next two years should see a fair amount of evolution as more vendors embrace the concept of providing business value over strictly saving enterprises money. This report from AOTMP’s TEM/EMM Research Practice will examine the areas where AOTMP Research expects to see change

Ask the Telecom Pro: TEM / EMM Vendors | MDM Software

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP Ask the Telecom Pro Q:  Can TEM vendors support EMM effectively? A:  Telecom Expense Management (TEM) vendors may have Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) capabilities.  Often, the capabilities are in the form of Managed Mobility Services (MMS).  So, yes, there are TEM vendors that can support [...]

The Anatomy of Enterprise Mobility Management

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Timothy C. Colwell SVP, Efficiency First® Adoption AOTMP   AOTMP defines Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as the comprehensive set of enterprise-wide mobility related people, processes, policies, vendors and technologies involved in managing the lifecycle of all mobile devices, M2M and IoT connected endpoints, services and applications.  While the scope of EMM [...]