Enterprise Mobile Technology is Evolving

While Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) was once primarily concerned with securing and managing individual devices, today’s mobile technology initiatives are more broadly focused on user support – whether they’re in the office or not. But what does that mean for the future of enterprise mobile technology? The short answer is ‘chaotic.’ EMM is undertaking a […]

Convergence: Explaining the UEM Trend

As you already know, technology has more acronyms and terms than anyone can count. So it should come as little surprise that enterprises and vendors have struggled for years to explain the difference between Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Which solution is the better fit for your IT security policies? Which […]

iPhone X: The Corporate-Liable vs. BYOD Conundrum

The enterprise consumption of world-class phones, like Apple’s iPhone X, has increased as the demand for the latest and greatest technology has shaped a monumental change in workforces everywhere. Today’s employees are mobile, and the enterprise is now grappling with the cost of the latest and greatest hardware versus its ability to maintain current and […]

Why Does the Telecom Management Industry Exist?

A Telecom Management Industry Conversation, Series of Recollections, and Slew of Acronyms.  Many years ago, I was planning on entering college and, more specifically, having to choose a college major. Unsure of which direction to take my life, I simply began at “A” in the University course catalog. The list started with “Accounting” and I […]

Why MDM is Migrating to EMM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) was created to manage those pesky new mobile devices, but the need for MDM quickly grew. Today, organizations need a similar solution to protect their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even Internet of Things (IoT) devices… When mobile devices first came on the enterprise scene, they represented a new challenge to network […]

Three Telecom Deployment Strategies to Think About

As telecom deployment strategy leaders, we provide a key component in our organization’s user experience. When a new employee is hired, they often receive their very own mobile device(s). However, the method in which this telecom deployment strategy is conducted provides the new associate with a firsthand experience on how their new organization operates. This […]