Digital Transformation: Is Your Team Ready for Change?

We’ve all heard that digital transformation is coming and that we should be getting ready for it, but really it’s been happening incrementally for years. We all use the internet every day to connect to th...

Blockchain post background

Blockchain Technology: Beyond Financial Data

AOTMP interviewed Chris Simandl, Owner of TEMteam, Co-founder of Peertech, and COO at Air to provide expert analysis of blockchain and what this new technology could mean for the future of the Telecom industry....


My Company Can't Afford Fiber Re-Cabling, Does That Mean We Can't Deploy an IoT Solution?

As companies explore new and exciting ways to include emerging technology in their business operations, they are routinely encountering limits on the speed with which their data can move. While new tech compani...


Internet of Things (IoT) Explained By An Expert

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a constantly growing and changing environment. AOTMP interviewed Dan Hughes to discuss the way IoT is changing the telecommunications industry. Hughes said there are several bene...


Ask the Telecom Pro: Narrowband IoT | Taxes on Telecom

Q:  What is Narrowband IoT? A:  Narrowband IoT, or NB-IoT, is low power wide area network technology that uses the LTE spectrum to connect IoT devices. The main application for NB-IoT technology is to...


5G Is Transformational but What Are Enterprises to Do with All That Hype?

Strategy is a core telecom management activity, and principles of the Efficiency First® Framework dictate that positioning technology as a strategic contributor to the business means identifying and aligning wi...