Analyst Perspective: Use Cases in How Telecom, Mobility and Technology Impact the Business

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This report contains actual AOTMP case studies that highlight the critical role the telecom/mobility/technology management department should play in contributing to organization-wide success.

[Webinar Recording] How to Select a Vendor in a New Technology Market: RFP Best Practices

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With today’s IT function demanding new technologies to help them transform their business into category leaders, that means having to look at new vendors with lesser known technologies. How do you select the best of an unproven pool of candidates? Where are the biggest risks? What do you ask to ensure a good match for [...]

Mobile Application Security Before Hardware

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I get to join several product demonstrations each month and speak with various technology companies about the current and next-generation problems they are working to solve. Sometimes you hear about products when it’s too late, when you don’t work with a client anymore who might have benefited from a solution or a solution they tried [...]

Global Information, Research and Advisory Firm Launches AOTMP Industry Council

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The new council offers an exclusive peer-to-peer network for telecom, mobility and technology professionals to collaborate and advance the industry AOTMP, a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom, mobility and technology management best practices and industry standards, today announced the launch of a new industry council for enterprises and the vendor professionals who [...]

Analyst Perspective: Digital Transformation and the Near-Term Futures of TEM and MMS

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The TEM and MMS markets are rapidly becoming critical to enterprises mobility and telecom management. In other words, as both AOTMP Research and Blue Hill Research, a division of AOTMP, underscored in 2017, the same tools that drive TEM are necessary for managing entire IT departments and operations. TEM is evolving into IT Expense [...]

Telecom/Mobility/Technology Management Ecosystem: 2018 Market Landscape

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This 2018 Telecom/Mobility/Technology Market Landscape report highlights key trends influencing the performance and efficiency of the telecom, mobility, and technology management ecosystem. It further provides analyst recommendations for implementing and negotiating change that will improve overall outcomes through telecom management. Read an excerpt of this market landscape today. If you are interested in purchasing or sponsoring this landscape, please contact us or connect with a live agent now.

Analyst Perspective: Enterprise Telecom/Mobility/IT Policy Management Trends

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This Analyst Perspective report considers how enterprises are managing telecom, IT and mobility policies and discusses ways to improve policy management performance from both the enterprise and vendor perspectives.

5G Is Transformational but What Are Enterprises to Do with All That Hype?

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5G Is Transformational but What Are Enterprises to Do with All That Hype? Strategy is a core telecom management activity, and principles of the Efficiency First® Framework dictate that positioning technology as a strategic contributor to the business means identifying and aligning with the organization’s requirements. This action rationalizes the value of adopting technology, [...]

Identifying, Abolishing the Top 3 Telecom / IT / Mobility Management Misconceptions

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Identifying, Abolishing the Top 3 Telecom / IT / Mobility Management Misconceptions Any endeavor can thrive or die by perception. The people who run telecom/IT/mobility management know, probably better than most, how true that is. That’s because they face rampant misconceptions about their work, and can spend more time defending what they need to [...]

Mobile Security – A Very Scary World

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Mobile Security - A Very Scary World   Santosh Krishnan, Lookout Last month, AOTMP’s Telecom Management Industry Update started exploring mobile security and enterprises’ ten-dency to react to intrusions and problems, rather than employ proactive strategies. One area that stood out was the question of how the cloud impacts mobile security. Turns [...]