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IAUG has partnered with AOTMP® University to provide business operations training and certifications. You’ve mastered the technical domain and now you can master operational and financial excellence!

It’s what you need to know beyond the technical details.

You’re used to product or solution or technical training. AOTMP® brings complimentary training.

Compliment your technical knowledge with financial and operational excellence content.

Topics include Telecom Expense Management, Cloud Cost Control, Telecom Management Leadership.

Course Bundles

AOTMP® University recommends these course bundles for IAUG members.

Hand Picked

Five online, on demand courses, chosen specifically for IAUG members.

Self Paced

Each course can be completed in 60 minutes or less.

Show your Knowledge

Complete each course by passing a 10-question quiz with a score of 80-% or better.

Earn a Certificate

Complete all five courses and earn a certificate of completion.

Telecom Audit Essentials

Telecom bills are notoriously filled with billing errors. Learn how to quickly identify and correct billing errors.

Cloud Cost Control

As cloud spending continues to rise, cost visibility and control programs become an essential to technology management.


AOTMP® University recommends these certifications for IAUG members.

Telecom Expense Certification badge 2024

Telecom Expense Management Specialist

Earn credentials that validate your best practice knowledge of telecom expense management and you’ll become a more valuable asset to your organization.

Certified Telecom Management Professional

For professionals with responsibilities supporting telecommunications. This certification teaches and validates knowledge of operational excellence, financial accountability, and technical integrity best practices.
For Teams or Member Groups

Instructor-Led Training

AOTMP® University recommends this live, instructor-led training program for IAUG members.

Dedicated Time

Five 90-minute, online sessions with an AOTMP® University instructor.

Interactive Sessions

Sessions include interactive and hands-on exercises help to reinforce learning.

The Bring Your Own Bills program.

This program takes learning to the next level by leveraging real examples from each attendee’s environment to teach audit and optimization best practices.

Gather up to 10 fellow IAUG members per cohort and participate in live online training using your own bills. A cohort could be within your company, across the entire membership or by chapter. Each participant brings a few invoices and contracts. Together, you’ll learn:

What's Working? Weekly

A 52-week publication subscription that delivers best practices, pro tips, peer insights, resources, and telecom, mobility, and cloud / IT management industry commentary directly to your inbox each week.
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Weekly publication packed with immediately usable information.

Learn best practices and what’s working in your peers' environments.

Get pro tips, peer insights, checklists, guides, templates and much more.

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Customer Experience

Photo of Glenn Leatherwood
Glenn Leatherwood
IT Manager at Valmont
We have put 5 different people responsible for telecommunications invoicing and life-cycle management through a variety of courses. I appreciate that your plans provide both targeted role as well as “all-in” packages as depending on the person and their purview, some people were a quick hit and others needed more rounded training and information.

I was attracted to and we have realized that the AOTMP training is agnostic training for the IT professional. Not only applicable to telecommunications, but managing technology. It is one thing to go to Cisco or Avaya or HPe, but another to learn the agnostic processes which should be understood and followed first. I run my teams through Lean Manufacturing training also; while we are not assembling Toyota cars, MANY of the tools in Lean Manufacturing apply to a day-in-the-life of an IT employee. AOTMP’s training follows this same path. Training that is broad enough to have something for everyone; especially for those who come up through the trades and are not degreed, but need the certification route.
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