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Cloud Cost Control

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Portfolio Area:

According to Pluralsight’s 2023 State of the Cloud report, 70% of organizations report more than half of their infrastructure is in the cloud. As cloud spending continues to rise, cost visibility and control programs become an essential element of technology management. Optimizing infrastructure cost performance is equally as important as optimizing technical performance. Improve cost control, improve cloud infrastructure value to the organization.

What's included.

Courses and learning objectives included in this bundle.

Cloud Optimization Primer (CO-01)

  • What cloud optimization is
  • Why cloud optimization matters and the value it offers
  • Cloud optimization business applications and use cases
  • Considerations for selecting a cloud optimization solution for your organization
  • Ongoing cloud optimization performance considerations

License Management Primer (LM-01)

  • What license management is
  • How license management supports business, why it matters, and the value it offers
  • Business applications and use cases for license management
  • What to consider when developing a business case for implementing license management solutions
  • Considerations for managing license management solutions after implementation

Audit & Optimization for Cloud (CLM 102)

  • Describe the optimal cloud environment
  • Explain the differences between technical and financial auditing
  • Identify the roles and tasks needed for cloud management

Intermediate Audit & Optimization for Cloud (CLM 204)

  • Demonstrate how to compare cloud invoice-to-contract charges
  • Explain the differences in cloud storage and cloud license management
  • Identify different cloud invoice types
  • Summarize the cloud auditing process

Building a Business Case for a Cloud Project (CLM 200)

  • Define a business Case
  • Explain how to track results for a cloud project implementation
  • Explain how to write and sell a business case
  • Explain the difference between capital and operation expenditures


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