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The TEM Industry has to Change

This groundbreaking article series identifies the greatest challenges faced by the TEM industry, and explores solutions to overcome them.

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Newness is a defining attribute of innovation, but new does not necessarily mean unfamiliar; it could
simply mean different. Innovation occurs when a familiar process, method, or system is reimagined,
improving performance and delivering more desirable results. Innovation occurs organically when
reactive problem-solving is the catalyst. Strategy-forward innovation, though, relies on a plan built to
activate value for multiple stakeholders

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According to NIST, federation is “a process that allows for the conveyance of identity and authentication information across a set of networked systems.”

In cloud computing, the term elasticity refers to the ability of the cloud environment to dynamically scale computing, memory, and storage resources automatically.

A virtual machine (VM) is cloud-based computing environment that behaves the same as a physical computer.

The term cloud native refers to the practice of designing, deploying, and managing applications completely in the cloud.

A zombie is a computer connected to a network that has been hacked with the intent of using the compromised computer to conduct malicious tasks without the computer owner’s knowledge.

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