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The TEM Industry has to Change

This 8-part article series identifies the greatest challenges faced by the TEM industry, and explores solutions to overcome them.

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When developing a program to meet current business requirements, traditional thinking has been that defining a program begins with declaring primary preference for a corporate liable program or a BYO program. This program design pivot point is antiquated and no longer supports modern organizational or workforce interests; the time for a new mobility management standard is now.

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Dream high and work towards fulfilling those dreams. Don’t focus on any obstacles coming your way and don’t let them divert you from your goals. Women are good at multitasking, and we can manage everything.

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Access control is a data security practice designed to ensure that users only have access to authorized network resources based on each user’s permissions.

Breach of contract occurs when one party to a contract fails to fulfill its obligations. Minor or major breaches of contract may occur and, in most cases, resolution for specific breach conditions is prescribed within the contract.

Indemnification is a contractual obligation whereby one party is required to compensate the other party for loss or harm caused by breach of contract. Indemnity may apply to one party (one-way indemnification) or both parties (two-way indemnification).

In the context of information security, social engineering is psychological manipulation designed to coerce people into sharing confidential information. Sometimes referred to as human hacking, social engineering uses deception techniques, such as impersonating a known person, to build trust and put the subject of the attack at ease so they are more likely to share confidential information.

An independent software vendor (ISV) is a company that creates and sells software for use on various hardware platforms. This category of vendor is not part of a hardware manufacturer, thus making them independent.

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Entering the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market as a non-APAC company comes with a variety of unique challenges. In this five-part series, Peter Hum, Managing Director of StrateValue Pte Ltd outlines some of the key elements to be aware of when establishing a direct presence in the APAC region.

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