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What is SD-WAN?

Although it seems like something that could be very complicated, in reality SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) is simply a network architecture that exists on the top layer that allows a networking str...


Image Recognition: Can It Transform Your Business?

Image recognition, also known as computer vision, has come a long way in recent years. With advances in AI, AR, VR, open source image data and the cameras embedded in our smart phones and smart homes, the way t...


Use ITAD to Help Ensure GDPR Compliance in Your Company

As your organization moves to GDPR compliance, it is imperative that you truly understand what these new privacy regulations include at a device level and how it will impact your IT business operations. The new...


Digital Transformation: Is Your Team Ready for Change?

We’ve all heard that digital transformation is coming and that we should be getting ready for it, but really it’s been happening incrementally for years. We all use the internet every day to connect to th...


Smart Cities: The Enterprise Growth Opportunity of Tomorrow

I was recently discussing smart cities technology with a client and the question came up about what new IoT capabilities will shape consumer behavior and how to be sure that your enterprise is ready to implemen...


GDPR Compliance: The Journey to Ready Your Company

When AOTMP spoke recently with a client whose large, multi-national company has its headquarters in northern Europe, we discovered some specific details about the journey an enterprise might need to take toward...


Performance Management Explained Further: Is it CPM or EPM?

Performance management is the process of continuous improvement to align with an organization’s objectives. But what’s in a name? There are a bevy of buzzwords all describing the same goal: Getting better at wh...


The 4 Questions to Ask During a Training Needs Analysis

How do you know your telecom team needs a training needs analysis? Like everything else in an enterprise, you can’t have a gut feeling. You need an analysis or a systematic approach to determine who needs it an...


The Keys to Measuring Telecom Management Team Performance

When AOTMP asks enterprises how they measure telecom/IT management performance, many of them will say cost savings is the primary metric in which performance is assessed. Although cost savings is important, thi...


What is Enterprise Performance Management?

Enterprise performance management (EPM) is the process of analyzing and monitoring performance then taking action on trends across the enterprise. While this may sound easy, anyone who has worked in an enterpri...