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Mobile Security – A Very Scary World

Last month, AOTMP’s Telecom Management Industry Update started exploring mobile security and enterprises’ tendency to react to intrusions and problems, rather than employ proactive strategies. One area that sto...


Why Does the Telecom Management Industry Exist?

A Conversation, Series of Recollections, and a Slew of Acronyms  Many years ago, when I was planning on entering college and, more specifically, having to choose a college major. Unsure of what direct...


Ask the Telecom Pro | BYOD Call Records | Property Tax Allotment

Q: Can I obtain call records from carriers for my BYOD mobile users? A: While employers with BYOD users may require users to submit call records to prove expense reports are for valid business calls, employers ...


Signal Private Messenger App

With total end-to-end encryption, Signal Private Messenger is the most secure messaging app to date. While total privacy is highly desired, enterprises may want a version that gives them oversight of the messag...


Comcast as A Wireless Provider

Comcast to focus on offering wireless cellular services to their 27.7 million cable TV & internet customers. They will also leverage access to their 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots. Longer term, Comcast may lever...


Why Mobile Device Management MDM is Migrating to Enterprise Mobility Management EMM

MDM started innocently to manage those pesky new mobile devices, but the need for MDM quickly grew into a gigantic problem to cover all of an organization’s devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets… and ...


Three Most Common RFP Mistakes that Telecom Professionals Make

When pursuing organizational relationships with telecom vendors, it is important to go in with a complete understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives in order to reach an agreement that is benefici...


Telecom Device Deployment Strategy

As telecom leaders, we provide a key component in the representation of the company we work for via the customer experience generated. When a new employee is hired into the organization and receives his or her ...


Ask The Telecom Pro – MMS, EMM, Free TEM Services by Carriers

Q: What’s the difference between MMS and EMM? A: MMS is an acronym for managed mobility services and EMM is an acronym for enterprise mobility management. Commonly, EMM refers to the entirety of an organization...


Is Telecom Cost Savings Strategic?

The telecom expense management (TEM) industry was founded on the promise of cost savings. In the late 80’s, cost savings were readily available through two primary channels of effort: (1) recovering identified ...

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