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10 Questions That Telecom Analytics Can Answer

1.)  Question: How does the telecom environment contribute to achieving business objectives? Answer:  Measuring, optimizing and ultimately reducing telecom expenses is a primary business objective for...


Personal Identifiable Information Exposed: Equifax

“The data breach is one of the worst ever, by its reach and by the kind of information exposed to the public.” – CNN Tech “Equifax will not be defined by this incident, rather by how we respond.” – Rick Smith, ...


Ask the Telecom Pro: Narrowband IoT | Taxes on Telecom

Q:  What is Narrowband IoT? A:  Narrowband IoT, or NB-IoT, is low power wide area network technology that uses the LTE spectrum to connect IoT devices. The main application for NB-IoT technology is to...


Why Enterprises Should Benchmark Their Telecom Environment

As telecom expenses comprise 20-25% of IT spend within an organization, today’s telecom and IT professionals are more focused than ever on identifying and seizing cost-cutting opportunities. Most go straight to...


Does Your TEM Inventory Support Service and Asset Lifecycle Management?

Telecom expense management (TEM) vendors have long touted service visibility as a major benefit delivered by their systems. Over the past decade, TEM vendors have expanded functionality to include telecom asset...


Telecom Policy: Limiter or Enabler?

There are two aspects of every telecom policy. The first addresses an organization’s philosophy and approach to service enablement and the second addresses rules for users.  Each aspect is equally importan...


Ask the Telecom Pro | Charge Disputes | Customer Service Records

Q: My company closed a small business office 6 months ago. It was cheaper to keep the broadband services for the remainder of the contract term than to cancel the service, so we did not cancel it when we moved....


Understanding the Telecom Management Ecosystem – The Value of Vendors

Chances are, enterprises and vendors alike have at least heard of the telecom management ecosystem. But what it is and why it matters may not be clear. This article aims to fix that by first diving into a singl...


5G Is Transformational but What Are Enterprises to Do with All That Hype?

Strategy is a core telecom management activity, and principles of the Efficiency First® Framework dictate that positioning technology as a strategic contributor to the business means identifying and aligning wi...


Identifying, Abolishing the Top 3 Telecom/IT/Mobility Management Misconceptions

Any endeavor can thrive or die by perception. The people who run telecom/IT/mobility management know, probably better than most, how true that is. That’s because they face rampant misconceptions about their wor...