Resources and assets to help support your career.

Download this free must-have checklist to help track optimization opportunities.
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From applets to zombies, this list will help you familiarize yourself with important industry terms.

A screenshot of part of the glossary of terms every technology management professional needs rot know.

Download a free sample 4 hour meeting agenda that you can adjust to meet the needs of your next TEM system sourcing event.

A diverse team gathered in a modern office for training.
Free Online Tool
Our configurator recommends a Career Path based on your input. Simply select your experience level and identify your area of interest to reveal the most relevant career path for you.
Technology Expense Management reporting recommendations that you can begin using right away.
45+ Service Level Agreements with targets and remedies.
Preview of the free SLAs guide on an iPad.

Training request and justification letter templates.

Download an editable Word® template that can be submitted to request AOTMP University training and certification subscriptions for yourself or your team.

Technology Spend Management Is USELESS… Unless You Have 10 KPIs To Prove It Isn’t
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With remote work and bring your own device (BYOD) on the rise, are you doing all you can to protect against identity theft and compromised networks?

A well-trained workforce balances knowledge and efficiency that can save organizations from unnecessary expenditure.

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